Borrell Associates Names Jim Brown President

Borrell Associates, a firm that provides cutting-edge insight for the location marketing industry, announced a leadership change on Tuesday. Jim Brown, previously vice president of sales, will take on the role of president, partnering with Corey Elliott, newly minted senior VP of local market intelligence, to help steer Borrell into the future.

Big Political Ad Spend Set for Local in 2018, but Will News Sites Be Ready?

Political ad spending totaling $1.9 billion will pour into the digital space, most of it on the local level, Borrell Associates estimates in its 2018 forecast. But daily newspapers and local news “pure-plays” will have to fight hard for their share against Facebook, Google and the other digital platforms.

Borrell Sizes Up What’s Behind Local Ad Media Choices

We know from the numbers that local advertisers are increasingly choosing social media to place their messages. But they’re also turning out to be cautious businesspeople who like to maintain a balance in their placements among multiple media, according to a new study from Borrell Associates.

Borrell: Too Many Local Newspapers Remain Stuck in Their Newsroom ‘Church’

Facebook collected $13.6 billion in local ad spending in the U.S. in 2016, according to the report — more than all local media put together — $12 billion. The report says Facebook, Google and other global pureplays will continue to dominate digital ad revenue that comes from merchants and other businesses at the community level.

LOAC Notebook: As Platforms Ascend, Some Blunt Words for Legacy Media

“You’re going to have to change the way you do business,” CBS’s Ezra Kucharz told media executives earlier this week in a keynote at Borrell Associates’ Local Online Advertising Conference in New York. “The world is changing and we have to change with it.”

Borrell on Local Dailies and Their Tiny Digital Ad Share: They Need a New Story

Local digital ad revenue will grow from $48 billion in 2015 to $66 billion in 2016, Borrell Associates projects in its new benchmarking report covering 10,395 sites in all media. That’s an eye-popping increase of 37.5%. But newspapers will see only a 6% to 7% revenue increase,

Local Media Companies Tout Events for Revenue Diversification

At that Borrell Associates event this week in New York, several speakers touted local live events — from awards shows, to beer tastings, to road races — as a potentially lucrative revenue stream with sizable margins, that local publishers could easily expand into.

As Ad Blockers Proliferate, IAB’s Rothenberg Tells Local Publishers to Stick to Their Guns

“Ad blocking represents the new normal in the media industry,” he said at Borrell’s local advertising conference in NYC. And if present trends continue, ad blocking could soon “surpass 50% on most sites.”

Openings and New Hires at LivingSocial, GrubHub, and RetailNext

Every two weeks, Geoff Michener covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. In this week’s column, Borrell Associates ups its research director, eBay names a new CMO, and RevMob appoints a co-CEO.

Study: Local Advertisers Are Leaving Behind $14 Billion in Co-op Marketing Every Year

According to the report from Netsertive and Borrell Associates, 38 percent of local businesses cited “too much paperwork” as the greatest barrier to co-op marketing, and another 38 percent cited “too many rules.”

Will Newspaper Companies Find Revival in Local Video?

Ten years from now newspapers will be delivering more local video programming than TV stations. Inconceivable? Sub out the word newspapers for “a local media company formerly known as a newspaper,” and consider the assets, cash-flow and aggressiveness of these big print companies, and you might warm up to my theory.

Programmatic Advertising Is Zooming In on Local — Will News Sites Be Ready?

The new Borrell Associates projections for the growth of programmatic ad revenue in local digital publishing are, in a word, big…

Local Media Companies Now Need a Digital Business to Survive

For years, the traditional businesses have generated the majority of revenue, leaving some executives to drag their feet. But now, the door for legacy business to exit the market is closing and the conversations about the digital transition have become increasingly existential.

Borrell on Local News: Inform, but Help Businesses Thrive

“We can certainly view people who frequent hyperlocal news sites as ‘readers’ who are there for the content. But once we begin to realize that they are likely to be buy something that day, tomorrow, or next week, then we begin understanding the real value of that audience,” says the CEO of Borrell Associates…

Street Fight Daily: Google’s New Payment Project, Real Estate’s Digital Decline

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…Google Said To Be Testing A Point-of-sale System Called Plaso (GigaOm)… Borrell: Real Estate To Scale Back On Digital (NetNewCheck)… An Attribution Standard? IPG, Horizon, Digitas and Others Agree to Use One Firm (AdAge)…

Hyperlocal Execs’ 2015 Predictions (Part One): Moz, Foursquare, Placed

As we have for the past three years, Street Fight recently asked a number of hyperlocal luminaries to weigh in with their predictions for where local is headed in 2015. We’ll be running their responses in two installments, today and tomorrow…

SMBs Now Spend More Than 1/4 of Marketing Budgets on Digital Media

A new report released by Borrell Associates paints a rosy picture for the immediate future of local marketing — as long as the industry can overcome a few barriers. The report, which drew from a survey of over 2,000 small businesses, found that they now spend more than a quarter of their budgets on digital media with robust growth in the social media and mobile advertising sectors…

LION-Borrell Revenue Survey Unravels

A revenue benchmarking partnership between the Local Independent Online News publishers association and Borrell Associates is coming apart because too few of LION’s publishers want to share their information with the the local media research company…

New Borrell SMB Report: ‘The Deer Have the Guns’

The 903 small business owners surveyed in a new study from Borrell Associates said they expected to spend only 12% of their digital advertising budgets in 2013 on banner advertising, sponsorships, and classifieds. Meanwhile they expected to spend more than half of their marketing budgets on owned channels, investing heavily in managing their website (35%), running email marketing campaigns (13%), and social media (14)%.

Why Mobile Ads Are ‘A Little Scary’ (And Potentially So Valuable)

Mobile isn’t a mass marketing vehicle; it’s my one-to-one, highly intimate connection with the Web. It’s a personal device, and its connection to me is private (or not), powerful, and controllable entirely by me. It is, in fact, a portable, electronic version of me, and I will not permit interruptions in the name of commerce for long…