5 Tools For Evaluating Which Hyperlocal Ads Work Best

There are a number of tools already available for marketers looking to decide which hyperlocal ads are working best, many of which go beyond basic click-through rates and engagement rates to generate a complete picture of advertising successes and misses.

Telmetrics CEO: A Phone Call to a Business Is Really a ‘Data Call’

Andrew Osmak talks with us about how the company has been evolving under his leadership over the past six months, where he sees the white spaces in call and data analytics, and why a tracked phone number can be a more valuable data point than a form-fill on a website.

Placed’s Attribution Platform Expands as More Partners Demand Proof of ROI

“Based on the growth and adoption that Placed is seeing across its clients, we’d expect that by the end of 2016, attribution will be a default on status for the majority of advertisers where they have an offline conversion event,” said the company’s CEO David Shim.

#SFSW16 VIDEO: Connecting the Dots on the Path to Purchase

To many in the industry, the idea of making connections between marketing impressions and dollars spent seems like it could be the holy grail — giving proof positive to businesses that their marketing dollars are well-spent, and unlocking further budget.

Moz CEO: Establishing Attribution Is About Building Businesses’ Trust

A lot of local marketing companies are operating in the shadow of prior practices and companies that created a lot of distrust in the market, says Moz CEO Sarah Bird, who will be a speaker at Street Fight Summit West next week: “Part of the vision of online-to-offline attribution is to overcome that snake oil effect and build trust so you can point to data.”

Connecting Dots in the Path to Purchase, Empyr Focuses on Pay-Per-Sale for SMBs

The company’s CEO Jon Carder says that when you can prove attribution to local marketers, their rate of attrition drops dramatically: “It just gets incredibly better because there’s proof of how well the advertising’s working.” Empyr’s solution for attribution connects credit card information with mobile impressions.

Displacement and Measuring the Unknown in Multi-Device, Multi-Channel Marketing Attribution

Now more than ever, conversions are the metric used to measure the value of every pit stop along the customer journey as it moved across multiple devices and channels. Displacement-based attribution strategies help marketers stay in step with consumers.

Foursquare’s Attribution Solution a Step in the Right Direction, but Still Leaves Gaps for Marketers

Foursquare—the location-based social network that now calls itself a “location intelligence” company—recently stepped into the analytics business. The company’s entree is a product called Attribution Powered by Foursquare that is intended to help brands measure how media impacts foot traffic in brick-and-mortar locations. To fuel this intelligence, the company pulls data from a panel of […]

5 Online-to-Offline Attribution Tools for Merchants

Seventy-nine percent of consumers say they research prices online before making purchases in person. Without the ability to identify which digital channels are most effective, merchants have no opportunity to optimize their strategies or understand the growth opportunities within online channels.

PlaceIQ Teams Up with IRI to Tackle Online-to-Offline Attribution

Marketers face a number of big challenges today. One is pinpointing their audiences as they move from device to device — and then from platform to platform on those different devices. Another is making sense all of the data consumers generate in the scores of micro-interactions they have every day across the devices and platforms they use. A third is online-to-offline attribution. The partnership with IRI that PlaceIQ announced today is a step toward tackling these hurdles.

Street Fight Daily: Goldman Sachs’ Advertising Report, App Search Company Tests Mobile Ads

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Goldman Sachs: Online Advertising About to Be ‘Fundamentally Restructured’ by Apple, Google, and Facebook (Business Insider)… App Search Engine Quixey Now Taking a Crack at Mobile Ads (Recode)… Shopify Partners with U.S. Postal Service to Woo More Retailers (Reuters)…

Street Fight Daily: Shopify Seizes on Facebook Updates, 56% of Millennials Expect Same-Day Shipping

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Shopify Opens Door for More Shopping on Facebook (Marketing Land)… If You Don’t Offer Same-Day Shipping, You’re Pissing Off 56 Percent of Millennials (Recode)… The Web-Tracking Tipping Point (TechCrunch)…

Estimote’s Cheney: Beacons Will Solve Online-to-Offline Attribution

There’s never been a good way to attribute the actions consumers take in the physical world to what they do online. Beacons are the answer to the attribution loop problem, said Estimote co-founder Steve Cheney.

7 Tools SMBs Can Use to Track Leads

When local merchants spend big on digital marketing, they expect to see results. Without using the appropriate tracking technology, however, it can be downright impossible to determine whether a marketing method is working. Here are seven options, each for a different type of business or marketing scenario.

Why Call Tracking Works Across a Variety of Local Marketing Contexts

Call tracking and analytics can be implemented across any media channel — although online search, directories and context-based marketing are especially important avenues. The key is to include a tracking component to measure and capture post-call, offline information and behavior in order to identify real advertising value…

Solving Mobile’s Attribution Problem

Traditional online metrics, focused more on website clicks, fail to accurately capture online-to-offline attribution. How can companies “close the loop” on measuring mobile ad effectiveness? An important way is through calls, given that 30% of display ad secondary actions are calls…