Stepping Up Brand Protection with AI-Powered Risk Monitoring Street Fight

Stepping Up Brand Protection with AI-Powered Risk Monitoring

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Maintaining a positive online reputation is extremely important for businesses in our digital world, especially for multi-location brands. With the rise of social media and online review platforms, negative commentary and potential crises can spread rapidly, posing significant threats to a company’s reputation and profitability. In an attempt to help MULO marketers address this challenge, Chatmeter, a leader in multi-location intelligence, has introduced a new AI based solution: Risk Monitoring.

At the forefront of online reputation management, Chatmeter’s Risk Monitoring utilizes advanced AI technology to help multi-location brands identify and mitigate potential crises before they escalate. With the ability to sift through vast amounts of online reviews and social media posts in real-time, this newly released tool empowers businesses to take proactive action against a variety of serious risks, including discrimination, harassment, customer safety concerns, and more.

CEO of Chatmeter, John Mazur, emphasized the importance of addressing risks promptly in today’s hyper-digital landscape. He highlights how negative commentary can quickly spread online, underscoring the need for brands to have the capability to pinpoint and address potential risks in real-time. With Chatmeter’s Risk Monitoring tool, businesses gain accuracy in identifying and responding to emerging threats, safeguarding their reputation and mitigating potential damage.

One of the key features of Risk Monitoring is its user-friendly dashboard, which provides multi-location brands with qualitative and quantitative insights into risk exposure. Through AI analysis, risky reviews and social media posts are categorized into customizable segments, allowing businesses to prioritize and address critical issues effectively. This proactive approach enables brands to respond in a timely manner to potential crises, greatly improving their overall reputation management efforts.

Lloyd Kim, Operational Services Manager at Paris Baguette North America, attested to the effectiveness of Chatmeter’s Risk Monitoring. He stated how the tool had increased visibility and awareness of risks for their business, enabling them to respond quicker and more efficiently. By leveraging real-time insights, Paris Baguette North America has improved its responsiveness to potential threats, demonstrating real benefits of Chatmeter’s Risk Monitoring.

CTO of Chatmeter, Dan Cunningham, explained that Risk Monitoring goes beyond traditional sentiment analysis by incorporating sophisticated AI models. This investment in AI technology enables Chatmeter to offer actionable insights that empower businesses to proactively manage their online presence and safeguard their reputation effectively. By leveraging AI-driven analysis, multi-location brands can stay ahead of potential crises and maintain the positive brand image that took so long to develop.

Furthermore, Risk Monitoring’s ability to classify risky reviews and social media posts into specific categories allows businesses to address diverse challenges, from food safety concerns to discrimination and unfair business practices. With real-time insights, brands can implement proactive measures to mitigate risks and protect their reputation.

Chatmeter’s Risk Monitoring is a significant and necessary step forward in online reputation management for multi-location brands. For example, with the availability of AI based reputation management tools like Risk Monitoring, would Panera Bread have identified potential food safety concerns surrounding its “Charged Lemonade” product as they emerged in online reviews, potentially preventing a tragic outcome. Similarly, Chipotle’s 2015 E. coli outbreak could have been mitigated with early warnings online, as Risk Monitoring could have flagged concerns about hygiene in reviews before the outbreak escalated.

George Wolf is a senior writer at Street Fight. who has a passion for technology as it relates to local merchants and national brands. He is particularly interested in the constant evolution of the privacy landscape.