Brandify Launches Covid-19 Updates Page

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As you might imagine, at Brandify, we’ve been working hard alongside the rest of the local tech community to help businesses communicate critical information to consumers: whether stores and offices are open, whether special services like delivery are available, whether hours are reduced, and so on. These updates have occurred not only on local pages and Google My Business but also on many other sites as well.

In the course of this work — and as Google, Yelp, and other platforms scramble to respond to the crisis — we’ve found it crucial to maintain an internal tracking sheet that keeps everyone up to date as changes to local business marketing channels are announced.

But we know we’re not alone. We are not the only ones helping businesses with online communication at this critical time, and businesses themselves need to know the latest so they can craft flexible and responsive strategies. With that in mind, we’ve decided to publish our tracking sheet as a new webpage called “COVID-19 Local Search Updates,” live on our website today. We will keep it up to date, and we hope you’ll find it useful.

Here’s the link:

Stay safe, stay informed, and as always, let us know how we can help.

Brandify is Street Fight’s parent company.

Damian Rollison is Director of Market Insights at SOCi. SOCi is the leading CoMarketing Cloud for multi-location enterprises. They empower nearly 1,000 brands to automate and scale their marketing efforts across all locations and digital channels.