Nextdoor Releases Local Deals to Connect Businesses with Nearby Customers

Nextdoor, the social networking app that requires users to enter a verified address in order to connect neighbors, is announcing local deals, a feature that will allow businesses on the platform to promote sales, discounts, and other offers to nearby customers.

Nextdoor’s head of product said the new feature is a natural continuation of the way the social network’s users already communicate on the platform. It is intuitively organic for people using a network to connect with those nearby to share recommendations for local businesses.

“On Nextdoor, we connect businesses with neighbors who become loyal, lifelong patrons,” said Tatyana Mamut, Nextdoor’s head of product. “With 40 million recommendations and 76% of members sharing that they’ve been influenced by a neighbor’s suggestion on Nextdoor, word of mouth has always been a major part of our platform’s neighbor-to-business connection.”

Nextdoor is active in more than 248,000 neighborhoods across 11 countries.

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