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The Number-One Reason Consumers Will Delete Your App

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It’s easy to get your app deleted from consumers’ phones at a time when every business has its own mobile property and social notifications are wearing consumers down. If you want to get deleted, just message your customers all the time, a new study by messaging platform Leanplum found.

The most common reason consumers deleted mobile apps is too many irrelevant notifications, Leanplum’s survey of 1,000 US mobile users found. This held true for all generations, from Gen-Z to Baby Boomers. More than 75% of the crucial millennial generation said they delete apps due to excessive notifications.

The gold standards for messaging pertinence according to the survey are Facebook, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. These apps only send notifications when they have something consumers need to know or are highly likely to want to find out more about.

Consumers prefer email to push notifications; 46% said they like to receive notifications on email compared to just 15% via push. Only 9% found notifications from email messaging apps annoying. Financial apps only annoyed 13%, suggesting that the gravity of messages dictates how tolerable a push is.

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