4 Ways Multi-Location Businesses Improve Marketing Return with Call Analytics

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Marketing for multi-location businesses can be far more complex than generating leads for a single location. Marketers need to ensure that they are generating high volumes of quality leads to each location; the more locations you have, the more challenging that becomes. 

Insights on each consumer’s location, preferences, and intent can help you deliver the best messaging to convert them to customers, whether they convert in-store, online, or over the phone. 

Phone call conversions are especially important in multi-location marketing. Google says that local searchers are 39% more likely to call a business, while analyst firm BIA/Kelsey estimates that mobile searches will drive 61 billion calls to businesses this year—a 113% increase from 2014. 

What’s more, consumers who call a business:

  • Convert to customers 30% faster and spend 28% more than online leads (Forrester)
  • Provide valuable data about their location, purchase intent, urgency, and interest in services and products that marketers can leverage to optimize their campaigns and drive better business results

By implementing call tracking and analytics systems, marketers at multi-location businesses can obtain valuable first-party data on the calls and conversations they generate for each location. This first-party data helps inform marketing campaigns that open doors for new customers, reinforce relationships with current customers, and increase return on marketing spend. 

Not sure how to maximize the business impact of consumer calls on your multi-location brand? Discover four things you can do now. 

Attribute calls to marketing channels, and optimize your campaigns

Inbound phone calls give you information beyond the caller’s phone number and location. By collecting call data from prospective and current customers, multi-location marketers can identify the specific marketing channel, ad copy, search keywords, and landing page combinations that trigger the highest call volume and most conversions for each location. 

Marketers can leverage this information to optimize things like audience targeting, keyword bidding, ad creative, landing page A/B testing, and more. 

Segment audiences based on what they say on calls 

A call analytics platform can help your multi-location business gather insights from the actual conversations customers are having with your representatives. AI listens to the conversation, identifies the content of the call, and provides insights into what was said.

Marketers can utilize these insights to inform audience segmentation. For example, you can identify customers who called about a product but didn’t convert. Then, you can put these customers into a remarketing audience and serve them Facebook or display ads highlighting the product they inquired about with a discount offer to encourage a purchase. 

Set up location-based routing to improve caller experiences

When you’re a multi-location business, you likely want to send callers to your closest open location. A call analytics system can optimize call routing based on the data it captures on the individual. This technology can automatically detect a caller’s location through geolocation or ask them to provide their location through an IVR; then, it routes them to the best location.

Location-based routing ensures that callers speak to the right person to assist them right away and promotes a seamless customer experience.

Establish routing options for your call centers to convert more callers to customers

Do you use a call center? Route all leads to call center agents specifically trained to convert them into customers. Then, route current customers with support-related questions to the right business location to assist them. This will help increase your call center conversion rates and boost efficiency. 

You can also look to the data in your call analytics platform and see how well each location converts good callers into customers. If some locations fail to convert quality leads, you might want to reroute calls to the call center. This strategy ensures your business is converting the highest percentage of good leads. Medical answering services like this one https://callnetcorp.com/medical-answering-service/ are superior to standard answering service providers as they provide 24/7 phone answering support.

Call volume is on the rise—it’s time to capitalize

This year alone, there will be 162 billion phone calls made to businesses from mobile-targeted advertising alone. Multi-location brands need to make sure their call tracking and analytics solution is up to par. 

Kayla Hammersmith is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at DialogTech, the world leader in call analytics for marketers. Kayla brings years of data-driven content expertise to the DialogTech team.