Retail Media According to Skai Street Fight

BOOM: Retail Media According to Skai

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We often use “BOOM” to identify a category or store brand that’s thriving. But BOOMing can also apply to trends in media buying and creative. So, for 2024 we’ve expanded the term to cover that as well, so MULO (multi-location) brands and the agencies that work with them can identify how to better reach consumers […]

Ethan Chernofsky of on the Omnichannel Experience

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One word we’ve seen non-stop in the MULO (multi-location) space over the past five years is OMNICHANNEL. Smartphones, the pandemic, and Amazon all accelerated this shopping style. The consumer not only decides which brands they like and what products they need (or want) but also how they want to buy them, pick them up, and […]

Applying the Golden Rule to Omnichannel Retail Marketing

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Tim Mason is not only CEO of Eagle Eye, a SaaS company that provides global personalized retail marketing via its loyalty and promotions platform, AIR, he is also a 30-year retail industry veteran, author, and keynote speaker. Before becoming head of Eagle Eye in 2016, Mason held senior executive positions at Tesco, the largest multinational […]

How Frequence is Enabling Hyperlocal Omnichannel Media Sales

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Frequence recently won a Digiday award for helping a media company triple its omnichannel revenue with automated proposals, reporting, and workflows. 

Retailers Grapple with Decreased Loyalty from Omnichannel Shoppers

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Sixty-nine percent of consumers say they expect a consistent cross-channel customer experience. And that’s just the beginning.

5 Big Marketing Opportunities for Multi-Location Brands

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This year’s is the fourth annual LMBR report; the data used in the analysis was provided by data partner Places Scout. Those interested in the full results can check out the report here. In this article, I’ll highlight just a few of the key takeaways for multi-location marketers.

How Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Transforming for an Omnichannel Era

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I connected with Nikki Baird, VP of strategy at Aptos Retail, to discuss how retailers can succeed in the era of omnichannel shopping.

5 Next-Gen RFID Solutions for Omnichannel Retailers

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Radio-frequency identification, or RFID, has found new life in the post-pandemic retail space. By attaching small strips of metal that can transmit radio waves with information about any product, retailers are finding that they can accelerate and automate the store checkout process. Unlike barcodes, which must be scanned individually, RFID tags can be scanned together and they hold significantly more information.

Ad Tech and Privacy

Marketing in 2022: Data Privacy, Multichannel Engagement, and Tool Centralization

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As marketers kick off 2022, they should be on the lookout for three key trends: the shift to first-party data, the increasing importance of multichannel engagement, and the centralization of marketing tools currently causing app fatigue.


Report: Retail Lags in Omnichannel Customer Service

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Retailers around the globe learned to adapt during the pandemic, quickly pivoting to offer curbside pickup, mobile payments, and online storefronts. Despite making strides in digital adoption, a new report finds that many retailers are still missing the mark on omnichannel customer service.

Retail Employee of the Future

6 Omnichannel Ad Buying Platforms for Brands

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With much of the $664 billion advertising market in flux, there’s a renewed focus on omnichannel platforms that use integrated workflows to improve efficiencies and reduce redundant work. This next generation of ad buying solutions takes into account disparate channels and audiences, enabling brand marketers to automate and optimize campaigns across ecosystems.

Outsourcing Omnichannel Operations: How to Gear Up for the Next Peak Season

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The biggest barrier to outsourcing e-commerce operations is identifying a provider who can be trusted to handle a company’s brand and their customer experience. The chosen provider needs to be able to answer the following questions to a retailer’s satisfaction.

Back to ‘Normal’ Requires Omnichannel Approach

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Retailers facing new competition need to hold strong while consumers return to some of their pre-pandemic patterns while also exploring new marketing avenues and cross-channel strategies designed to pull people back in-store.

Reflections on 2020 in Local: Innovation by Necessity

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From a big-picture perspective, innovative tech providers are recognizing that SMBs don’t need all the bells and whistles that may come with an enterprise solution. They need tech that solves critical everyday problems that are common across the local landscape. 

Retail Embraces Omnichannel for the Holidays

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Rather than focusing on one platform or tool, retail brands are embracing everything necessary to engage with customers across multiple touchpoints. That could have a major impact on the way shoppers interact with their favorite brands in the coming weeks, and depending on the results, it could lead to changes in the way retail marketing is handled in 2021.

How Brands Can Rise, Retain, and Return Stronger Than Ever this Holiday Season

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Prior to Covid-19, traditional demographics still directed many brands’ targeting strategies. However, the pandemic has laid bare just how flawed this method can be. We believe that the best measure of what someone will purchase in the future is looking at what they’ve purchased in the past. This holds true even in an uncertain market and is invaluable for retailers as the holidays approach. 

Holiday Sales Are Starting Earlier Than Ever. Here’s Why

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“Retailers are responding to social distancing guidelines [this] year and preparing for potential decreases in spending by kicking off promotions earlier than we’ve ever seen,” says Dosh CEO Ryan Wuerch.

Wuerch says Covid-19 safety protocols require a more elongated approach to holiday marketing. Kohl’s, L Brands, and Macy’s have all referenced pulling forward holiday promotions, and Amazon’s Prime Day later this month seems perfectly timed to pull in early holiday shoppers.

Personalized Marketing is a Must Right Now

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Today, marketers have the luxury of being able to see consumers through the entire advertising funnel, enabling them to target consumers based on where they are in the buying process — from introduction of a product all the way to purchase intent. Brands have the ability, either in-house or via third-party vendors, to create and target ads that scale cross-device and cross-channel, reducing repetition, eliminating ad fatigue, and enhancing consumer experience throughout the funnel.

They can, and should, A/B test different messages, offers, and calls to action in real time to determine what resonates with each consumer down to the color of the button that generates more engagement. Marketers can do all of this across programmatic display, video, social, on YouTube and over-the-top (OTT) TV.  So, why aren’t they?

Loyalty in the Time of “Near Me” Searches, Omnichannel, and Covid-19

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In addition to the opportunities and challenges that come with an omni-channel commercial ecosystem, 2020 brings to businesses the challenge of mobile search, which leads people on the go to search for “X near me” and pick the closest possible option. The new year also brought, as hardly anyone would’ve predicted months ago, an impending recession as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
I caught up with Nicole Amsler, vice president of marketing at loyalty tech firm, to garner her insights on loyalty strategy this year.

10 Ways To Provide a Cutting-Edge Retail Customer Experience

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Delighting customers isn’t about getting one thing right; it’s about firing on all cylinders, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, to make an authentic connection with buyers to drive satisfaction and loyalty.

What does that look and feel like? Here are 10 examples of best practices that represent the state of the art in retail CX.