Street Fight Daily: Amazon’s New Brick-and-Mortar Highlights Local, Quality; New Hires in Hyperlocal

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Amazon’s New Store in NY Offers 4-Star+ Products Trending with New Yorkers (Verge)
The first-ever Amazon 4-star opened in New York City’s Soho neighborhood Thursday. And as the name implies, everything on its shelves has earned at least a four-star review average from Amazon’s customers.

New Hires at Adsquare, IAB, GatherUp (Street Fight)
Every two or three weeks, Street Fight rounds up some of the latest hires and new openings in the hyperlocal marketing, tech, and media industries.  This week includes new hires at PebblePost, dataPlor, and Snapsheet.

No Data? No Problem! Build Loyalty Despite Lack of Data (MediaPost)
Jacquie Amacher: It’s an ongoing endeavor to tailor messages and content in new ways that keep audiences interested — and if that interest wanes, the first rule of thumb is to create more personalized experiences for each user. Here are a few marketing lessons I’ve learned from years of addressing the unaddressable market.

LBMA Podcast: Uber to Buy Deliveroo, Pizza Hut Goes AR for NFL, Ryff (Street Fight)
On this week’s episode of the Location-Based Marketing Association podcast: Ryff, Singapore’s new QR payments, Briggo coffee, Crate & Barrel, Pizza Hut goes AR for NFL, Uber to buy Deliveroo.

AT&T Unveils Xander, Its Answer for the Future of Advertising (AdExchanger)
Two multibillion-dollar acquisitions and one Justice Department lawsuit later, AT&T’s advertising and analytics unit finally has a name: Xandr. AT&T hopes Xandr can revolutionize the ad business by making advertising relevant to consumers, profitable for media companies and accountable and efficient for advertisers.

Why Snap Will Get Acquired by 2020, Probably by Amazon (Recode)
“People talk about how its stock has gotten crushed, but it’s still got a market cap of $13 billion,” Scott Galloway said. “So I believe the stock gets cut in half again, but any acquisition is sort of an eight or a 10 billion dollar check. And there’s a limited number of companies that can buy a company that’s not making a lot of money for eight to 10 billion dollars.”

Facebook Poisons the Acquisition Well (TechCrunch)
To whom should you sell your startup? Facebook and the founders of its former acquisitions are making a strong case against getting bought by Mark Zuckerberg and Co. Wired: The Facebook effect hits Oculus

It’s Google’s Turn in Washington’s Glare (NYT)
Google executives, after months of mostly avoiding the harsh spotlight put on their internet peers, are being grilled in Washington this week by lawmakers questioning if the Silicon Valley giant is living up to its promise to be a neutral arbiter of online information.

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