Street Fight Daily: Amazon Gets into SMB Goods, Leading Travel Reviews Site Pivots to Social

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Amazon Wants to Take Over Every Aspect of Shopping. Next Up? Small Businesses (Vox)
Amazon launched a new section of its site called Amazon Storefronts on Monday morning, a space that looks remarkably like the handmade e-commerce giant Etsy and offers customers access to “over 1 million products” from 20,000 “small and medium-sized” US businesses.

TripAdvisor Wants to Become Your Social Media Network for Travel (Street Fight)
What started as a site for travel reviews is pivoting to become a social media hub for travelers, providing a personalized travel planning experience that combines reviews and recommendations from friends, publishers, and influencers, the company announced Monday.

Shoppable Billboards: Retailers Say Physical Stores are Driving Online Sales (Digiday)
Digiday spoke with 12 DTC companies that operate physical stores. All said online sales in cities where they have stores are much higher than sales in other cities where they don’t.

Annie Selke Uses Offline Tactics to Drive Online Buyers (Street Fight)
The high-end furnishings brand Annie Selke uses direct mail catalogs and flyers to tell the company’s story, before ultimately driving most shoppers online to complete their transactions, explains Cindy Marshall, chief marketing officer for the Massachusetts-based brand. It’s also working with 4Cite’s cart-abandonment program and the vendor’s other tools.

Brand Safety Cannot Be the Duty of Everyone But the Responsibility of No One (AdExchanger)
Phil Schraeder: The question of who exactly bears the responsibility for ensuring brand safety has typically been a gray area, with no one stepping up to own the problem in its entirety.

Google’s Right: CTRs and Conversion Rates Kinda Don’t Matter (Search Engine Land)
Andy Taylor: It seems Google has learned from the ETA episode not to sell advertisers on higher CTR, and indeed has built its RSA proposition around the idea of incremental clicks and sales, which, of course, only Google can measure, since there’s no way for advertisers to quantify ad placements that are off limits to ETAs for whatever reason.

Macy’s CEO: It’s Harder for E-Commerce Giant to Conquer Offline Retail Than Other Way Around (Recode)
The last decade of retail has seen brick-and-mortar stalwarts like Macy’s move into e-commerce, while e-commerce giants like Amazon slowly expand in physical retail. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy for everyone, says Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette.

iOS 12 Is Available Today (Apple Newsroom)
iOS 12, the latest version of the most advanced mobile operating system, is designed to make everyday tasks on iPhone and iPad faster and more responsive.

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