Street Fight Daily: Integration of Listings & Reputation Management; Google Reviews, Yelp, and Antitrust

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Latest Local Marketing Merger Aims for Scale in Critical Listings Management Sector (Street Fight)
David Card: Uberall’s acquisition of Navads highlights the importance of listings management and its integration with reputation management. Street Fight’s latest survey of multi-location brands shows a correlation between use of both these types of services and the overall effectiveness of local marketing.

Yelp, Google Reviews, and Antitrust (Street Fight)
Mihm & Blumenthal: Forcing Google to split Maps-related business into a standalone “geo” unit would foster a more diverse technology ecosystem. But as far as Google’s review practices are concerned, regulators should not be convinced by an irrational argument that indexation of Google reviews has any bearing on the harm created for, or benefit gained by, consumers.

Oath Integrates Its Ad Tech Assets—But What About the Verizon Data? (AdExchanger)
Oath is attempting to deliver on its promise of becoming an alternative to the duopoly. But a question remains as to how compelling its proposition will be to buyers without the full complement of Verizon data at its disposal.

How Bid Shading Is Changing Programmatic Auctions (eMarketer)
Programmatic auctions are undergoing a pricing revolution. Over the past year, most SSPs have shifted to first-price auctions, which is where the highest bid determines what the buyer pays. This has given rise to bid shading.


Google’s AI Update to Smooth Advertising for Small Brands Expands to UK (The Drum)
Fresh from giving its ad tech stack the rebrand treatment, Google has launched an automated tool that will make it easier for small businesses to buy ads without an agency or in-house marketing expertise.

Internet Ad Platform Criteo Tanks on Cold Shoulder from Facebook (Bloomberg)
Criteo fell to a record low after Facebook downgraded its relationship with the Internet ad platform, removing the company from the tech behemoth’s marketing partner list.


Gannett Is Putting a Local Spin on the Publisher-as-Agency Model (Digiday)
Gannett’s USA Today Network is becoming the latest publisher to shift to an agency model to grow its share of marketing dollars—but with a local twist.

Apple Is Talking to Big Publishers About Joining Its Subscription Service (Recode)
Earlier this year, Apple got into the magazine business by buying a digital magazine distributor. Now it wants to add daily news to the mix.

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