Street Fight Daily: Google Misses Self-Imposed Transparency Deadline, Retail’s Apparent Comeback

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Google Misses Self-Imposed Deadline to Implement IAB Consent Framework (AdExchanger)
When GDPR took effect in May, Google told publishers and ad tech vendors it expected to implement the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) by August. That hasn’t happened.

How to Build a Quality SMS Subscriber List, Bridging the Gap Between Text and CRM (Street Fight)
Dan Slavin: Imagine a marketing tool that is available to you that nine out of 10 targeted people will read within three seconds. For retailers and marketers to take full advantage of SMS marketing, plans must start with building quality contacts. This is the starting point to build an effective bridge between text and CRM.

Hard Lessons Breathe New Life into Retail Stores—But Few Reap the Benefits (NYT)
The boom reflects a broad reordering of the $3.5 trillion industry, with fewer retailers capturing more of the gains. Stores that have learned how to match the ease and instant gratification of e-commerce shopping are flourishing, while those that have failed to evolve are in bankruptcy or on the brink.

Marketers Need to Know the Truth About GPS (Street Fight)
Thomas Walle: The imperfections of location-tracking tech do not mean that all location data derived from GPS satellites is inaccurate or useless as a marketing tool. It just means that marketers need to better set their expectations, know the data they are buying, and factor the limitations into their partnership agreements and marketing plans.


Visual Search Preferred New Tech Among Young Consumers (Mediapost)
ViSenze recently announced the findings of its study analyzing Gen Z and Millennial consumers’ attitudes towards emerging technologies. The study found that 62% of respondents want visual search capabilities enabling them to quickly discover and identify the products on their mobile devices.

Digital Trends, a Rare Profitable and Growing Independent Publisher, Seeks Expansion (Digiday)
Digital Trends, a 12-year-old tech news and reviews site, is independent and profitable, but it isn’t immune from business pressures to diversify. With a batch of big new hires, it’s expanding its video, events and e-commerce arms.


Amazon Is On the Brink of Announcing HQ2 (Business Insider)
So where are we? We’ve long seen the evidence pointing to the DC area. With three locations in the DC area shortlisted for the new headquarters, it’s at least statistically most likely. Add to the fact that Amazon already has its public policy and lobbying positions in the city, the US capital seems like a shoo-in.

Inside Twitter’s Long, Slow Struggle to Police Bad Actors (WSJ)
When Twitter Inc. Chief Executive Jack Dorsey testifies before Congress this week, he’ll likely be asked about an issue that has been hovering over the company: Just who decides whether a user gets kicked off the site?

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