Street Fight Daily: Facebook’s Latest Shot at Local, Mobile Search Habits May Undermine Loyalty

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Facebook Takes a Stab at Local—Again (Street Fight)
“As it stands, Facebook’s latest local effort is of academic interest but hardly seems a reason for businesses to actively re-engage with the free side of the social giant’s features. From a competitive viewpoint, it hardly seems the stuff of legend needed to take on the current local search hegemon, Google,” Mike Blumenthal tells David Mihm in their latest biweekly column.

As ‘Near Me’ Searches Spread on Mobile, Consumers Trade Loyalty for Convenience (Street Fight)
Location marketing is changing the way people shop in the real world, potentially decreasing the role loyalty plays in purchasing decisions as consumers prioritize convenience. According to the results of a new study commissioned by the location marketing platform Uberall, 82% of shoppers have done a “near me” search on their smartphones.

Google Might Be Hiding the Fact That Its Own Reviews Are Shoddy (Yahoo News)
What if Google’s reviews aren’t particularly good or reliable? This is a question that has come up based on the fact that Google’s library of local reviews is no longer available apart from the Maps platform or the box above search links.

Here’s What’s Needed to Scale Behavioral Targeting on OTT (AdExchanger)
Frost Prioleau: A large part of digital’s value proposition is better behavioral targeting, and buyers, especially incumbent digital buyers, expect to find their audience with precision and at scale. But behavioral targeting is still in the early innings in “the new television,” largely because of a few key challenges.


Retailers Sound Off on Their Biggest Challenges with Amazon (Digiday)
At Digiday’s Retail Forum in New York City on Thursday, more than 100 marketers gathered to hear from retailers like Rent the Runway, Away, Eloquii and Rothy’s that spoke on topics like competing with Amazon, controlling data and determining their return on investment when acquiring new customers.

Welcome to the Age of Privacy Nihilism (Atlantic)
Ian Bogost: Google and Facebook are easy scapegoats, but companies have been collecting, selling, and reusing your personal data for decades, and now that the public has finally noticed, it’s too late. The personal-data privacy war is long over, and you lost.


Hackers Breach T-Mobile Customer Data, Firm Says (MediaPost)
Email addresses were among the personal data points stolen by hackers in a breach of T-Mobile. The company announced on Thursday that it had suffered the breach, potentially affecting millions of customers, and had reported it to authorities.

What Elon Musk Gained From His Tesla Indecision (Recode)
Elon Musk concluded his Shakespearean soliloquy—“to take private, or not to take private”—in the depths of a Friday evening, 17 days after he began a drama that now appears awfully self-defeating.

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