Street Fight Daily: Uber Cash Burn Narrowing En Route to IPO, CallRail Engages User Base to Drive Product Dev

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Uber’s Losses Continue, But Narrow, In Its March Toward an IPO (NYT)
Just over a year after Travis Kalanick was ousted as chief executive of Uber, the ride-hailing company released new financial results that showed continued growth and narrowing losses as it advances toward an initial public offering. Recode: Uber is investing its growth into a new chapter

At CallRail, Community Forums Prove Valuable for Product Development (Street Fight)
Community forums—online spaces where consumers and developers can interact and collaborate— are increasingly popular tools for companies hoping to improve their product development and ideation. The strategy is working effectively for marketing tech vendor CallRail.

How Yelp’s Revamped Ad Biz Powered a Great Quarter (Motley Fool)
Yelp has shifted to offering much shorter-duration advertising deals, which make it a viable option for a larger number of small businesses. Apparently, it’s working, because the metrics all look to be moving in the right directions. Local Onliner: Yelp’s Q2 earnings: new no contract sales are a different beast

A Probing Look at Local News Comes to Some Disturbing Conclusions (Street Fight)
To accurately gauge the quality of digital local news and assess its impact on communities, you would have to do what no one has wanted, or dared, to do. You would have to look at enough websites, enough stories and videos, in enough communities until you were glassy-eyed. Researchers behind a new study did just that.

What Retailers Can Learn from Black Friday in July (GeoMarketing)
Jeff White: Chief among Prime Day’s lessons: to level the playing field (and compete with the likes of Amazon), location intelligence and data needs to be front and center among cross-channel strategies.


Crimson Hexagon Regains Partial Access to Facebook and Amazon Amid Ongoing Investigation (AdExchanger)
The social analytics platform, which uses AI to analyze public data across social networks, said Friday that most of its customers have had their access restored to both Facebook and Instagram data since the end of last week.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says He’s Rethinking the Core of How Twitter Works (Washington Post)
Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said he is rethinking core parts of the social media platform so it doesn’t enable the spread of hate speech, harassment and false news, including conspiracy theories shared by prominent users like Alex Jones and Infowars.


Microsoft and Amazon Release Preview of Cortana and Alexa Integration (Verge)
Microsoft and Amazon are integrating their digital assistants this week. A new preview is being offered to both Cortana and Alexa users in the US that will allow each digital assistant to summon each other and access additional apps and services.

Google Is Reportedly Developing an Assistant That Recommends Workout and Meal Plans (VentureBeat)
Hot on the heels of a report that Apple might be developing a coprocessor for health data analysis, news broke this afternoon of Google Coach, a rumored Google wellness product powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

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