Street Fight Daily: Google Fined Record $5 Billion by EU; What Consumers Prefer in Loyalty Programs

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Google Fined $5.1 Billion by EU for Monopolizing Mobile Search via Android Practices (Street Fight)
The European Commission has laid down a record $5 billion fine against Google for allegedly monopolistic search practices that have essentially forced users to turn to Google for mobile searches on the company’s Android devices. CNBC: EU ruling may be too little, too late to stop Google’s mobile dominance

Hard Data on the Choices that Make or Break Loyalty Programs (Street Fight)
A new report from loyalty marketing firm Kobie Marketing provides cutting-edge insight on the habits and preferences of consumers vis-à-vis loyalty programs. Brands are trotting out these services to capture customers’ attention at a time when retail giants with vast digital resources loom large. We have the highlights.

Report: Advertisers Spending More on Search and Amazon, While Social CTRs Drop (Street Fight)
Digital marketing software provider Marin Software has released its Q2 Benchmark Report, and the findings confirm the hype about advertising spend on Amazon: It’s on the rise, while social click-through rates decline and search spend remains a major priority for brands.

The Top Four Digital Marketing Strategies of 2018 (Forbes)
Human behavior has changed, and marketers must keep up. Here are four digital marketing implementations that have moved to the forefront this year.

Image Thumbnails See Major Increase in Local Mobile Queries (MediaPost)
As of July 13, RankRanger estimates a 183% increase, up from 15.7% for those searching Google from a mobile device, that an image thumbnail will appear in query results on the first page.  


Vox Media to Begin Licensing Publishing Technology Chorus (WSJ)
The deals would allow other publishers to use the technology for creating articles, monitoring readership and distributing content on social-media platforms, among other things, in exchange for a recurring fee.

Wary of Fake Followers, Agencies Change How They Charge for Influencer Campaigns (Digiday)
Influencer agencies are shifting from charging clients based on influencer follower counts to post impressions, aware they cannot guarantee that an influencer doesn’t have fake followers.


Snapchat Is Launching a News Partnership Initiative (Axios)
Snapchat is launching a news partnership initiative with the goal of helping journalists and news organizations better mine the billions of public videos and photos shared daily on Snapchat for news and information.

BuzzFeed Launches a New Website for Its Real Journalism (TechCrunch)
News stories will still run on the main BuzzFeed homepage, and the BuzzFeed News site will include links to other BuzzFeed content. But it looks and feels more like a standalone site, giving the team what Zasada said is “a new domain and a new brand.”

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