Street Fight Daily: Google Announces Huge Local Ad News, How Apple Can Use Maps Rebuild to Compete in Local

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Google Announces Machine Learning-Based Ads Designed for Foot Traffic, Attribution, Personalization (Street Fight)
Google announced on Tuesday a suite of new machine learning-backed ad tools that promise to keep its brand partners happy at a time when digital advertising faces unprecedented brand safety concerns. Among the tools is one explicitly designed to maximize foot traffic.

10 Ways Apple Can Rebuild Maps to Become an Innovator in Local (Street Fight)
Damian Rollison: As Apple relaunches Maps, I’m eager to see underlying map data improve, but I’d be even more interested if I knew Apple had a roadmap to improve the local data layer. Here are some things Apple should do if the company truly wants to move beyond its second-place status in local.

How AR Will Fundamentally Change Search, Participating in an ‘Internet of Places’ (Street Fight)
Online-to-offline (O2O) commerce is one area where AR will find a home. Just think: Is there any better technology to unlock O2O commerce than one that literally melds physical and digital worlds? AR can shorten gaps in time and space that currently separate those interactions (e.g. search) from offline outcomes.

Heard on the Street Episode 7: Defying the Hyperlocal Graveyard, with NextDoor (Street Fight)
One of the imperatives for fledgling sites with hyperlocal aspirations that NextDoor co-founder and chief architect Prakash Janakiraman points to is dedicated focus on neighbor-to-neighbor communications and engagement. Though not as big or culturally embedded as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, NextDoor is exclusively devoted to local community interaction.

Live Video Streaming Continues to Gain Steam (eMarketer)
More people are streaming live video content than ever before, thanks in part to efforts from Facebook, Hulu and the NCAA.


YouTube Makes Moves to Nab Thousands of New Advertisers (Business Insider)
The web-video juggernaut has spent the past several years trying to sway big advertisers to move their budgets to YouTube from TV. And while that mission continues, YouTube wants to turn on another, potentially more lucrative revenue spigot: direct-response ads.

How the Telegraph Ties Native Ads to Brand Metrics(Digiday)
Since introducing attribution-based benchmarks last July, The Telegraph has run 80 campaigns for clients that have met these targets. By bringing in effectiveness guarantees, campaign budgets and campaign length have grown, according to the publisher.


Facebook Starts Testing AR Ads in the News Feed (The Verge)
Facebook ads will start feeling a little more like a virtual fitting room. The company announced today that it will begin implementing augmented reality ads into the News Feed.

Media Buyers Find Easy Wins on Snapchat Due to Price Drop (Digiday)
Instagram continues to squash Snapchat in size with now twice as many people using its copycat Stories feature every day. But it’s not all bad for the messaging app.


Machine Zone Shuts Down Its DSP, Lays Off 125 Employees(AdExchanger)
Machine Zone’s (MZ) experiment with homegrown ad tech is over. The gaming company shuttered Cognant, an internal demand-side platform created in 2016 to help MZ’s media buying team plan, create, buy, optimize and measure marketing campaigns.

Google May Have to Make Major Changes to Android (Washington Post)
Google could face a record penalty this month from European regulators for forcing its search and Web-browsing tools on the makers of Android-equipped smartphones and other devices, potentially resulting in major changes to the world’s most widely deployed mobile operating system.

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