TVadSync and Unacast Partner for Cross-Platform TV/Digital Attribution

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It’s 2018, and ad buyers are increasingly hesitant to throw dollars at platforms that can’t prove the worth of their audiences. That’s the root cause of a new partnership announced just this morning, as TVadSync teams up with Unacast to establish attribution for its TV-to-digital cross-platform ad targeting. 

Unacast’s location data will allow TVadSync to prove with unprecedented accuracy that the campaigns it manages across TV and digital platforms are indeed driving exposed audiences to make purchases at brick-and-mortar stores.

The announcement comes at a time when TV ad spend’s share of the multi-platform pie continues to experience a historic downturn. TVadSync is betting that this downturn can be attributed to the inefficiency of measuring the efficacy of TV ad spend. Unlike digital ads popping up on users’ mobile phones, consumers don’t drag the living-room flat screen with them to the local hardware store.

“With TV and digital cross-platform campaigns, advertisers, for whom footfall is an important KPI, no longer have to be worried they won’t be able to adequately gauge campaign efficacy with transparency—while at the same time they can look forward to driving huge lifts in location visits,” says Ronan Higgins, CEO of TVadSync.

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