Street Fight Daily: How Google Maps Changes Will Affect Businesses, Mobile Retail’s Future

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Forrester Estimates E-Commerce on Smartphones Will Hit $209 Billion in 2022 (MediaPost)
Forrester’s latest U.S. mobile and tablet commerce forecast for 2017 to 2022 estimates that Americans spent $153 billion on retail products using their mobile devices in 2017. But that number is set to grow.

Dstillery and Captivate Partner to Go Beyond Location-Based Targeting (Street Fight)
Audience targeting is getting smarter, and reaching new customers ideal for a given brand’s campaign is getting more feasible thanks to a partnership between location-based digital video network Captivate and marketing intelligence firm Dstillery.

Amazon Go Expands to San Francisco and Chicago (Recode)
Four months after Amazon opened its first futuristic convenience store in its hometown of Seattle, the company said on Monday that it will bring new Amazon Go locations to San Francisco and Chicago later this year.

Google Maps Is Becoming More Personal and Useful, and Businesses Can Reap the Benefits (Street Fight)
In recent months, Google has launched a number of changes to Maps. Users will win with the more personalized and intuitive future of the app. Businesses will win, too — so long as you manage your location data, content, and reputation.

Once a Must-Have, DMPs Appear Less Attractive to Marketers (Digiday)
Duracell and Deutsche Telekom have opted to ditch their DMPs. Other advertisers like Radisson Hotels Group think they need a DMP, but are unsure of how to make it work in a way that does more than just serve targeted banner ads.

High-End Restaurants Are Turning to Retail to Bring In Additional Cash (Bloomberg)
Higher-end establishments have traditionally opted for more sophisticated merchandishing, say, by putting out a cookbook. But La Mercerie sells everything in the place, from the washed linen napkins ($105 for four) to the vintage glasses ($98 each).

In Defense of ‘Wasted’ Impressions (AdExchanger)
James G. Brooks, Jr: Digital marketing for the last few years has focused on wringing every last atom of efficiency out of ad buys. This is a laudable goal in theory, but in practice it’s misguided.

Uber CEO: Our Future Won’t Just Be Cars (Verge)
Ride-hailing is and will remain Uber’s core business for the near term — but Khosrowshahi sees a whole world of potential outside the car.

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