Street Fight Daily: Amazon to Collaborate With CPGs on Alexa Ads, Snap Yields Results for NBC News

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Amazon Discussing Alexa Ads for 2018 with P&G, Clorox, and Others (CNBC)
Amazon is turning to Alexa and asking it to build a big digital advertising business. The retailer has been in talks with several companies about letting them promote products on its best-selling Echo devices.

Why Even Top Local News Sites Can’t Compete With Facebook on Ads (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: Facebook isn’t going away, and it shouldn’t, for local news providers. But news providers will use their own resources to engage the fraction of traffic that chooses to make its way to the narrow part of the funnel and into the subscription revenue pot.

NBC News Got 4 Million Subscribers in 5 Months to Its Snapchat Show (Digiday)
CNN made waves when it said last month it would throw in the towel on its Snapchat show after just four months. But rival NBC News says it’s satisfied with the traction “Stay Tuned,” its 5-month-old daily news show for Snapchat, is getting on the app. Leverages Unstructured Data to Target Auto Buyers on a Granular Level (Street Fight)
Using a local business’s inventory management software to serve dynamic ads in real-time sounds good in theory, but the process can quickly get gummed up. In an effort to streamline that process, is releasing an upper funnel dynamic creative solution that leverages unstructured data to target buyers.

Location of Things Market Growing to $71 Billion (MediaPost)
A major aspect of the Internet of Things is the increasing ability to track actual things. This means much more location data will become available over time.

Why Intelligent Disruption in Advertising Will Be 2018’s Most Important Trend (AdWeek)
Dan Hodges: As we begin another year, is there a phrase or thought that the advertising industry can focus its attention on as we enter 2018? I submit to you two words: intelligent and disruption.

Mobile Apps, Influencer Marketing Top Fraud Targets for 2018 (eMarketer)
White Ops may have forecast a downswing in the number of dollars US advertisers will lose to fraud in 2017, but make no mistake: The war on fraud is far from over.

Two-Day Shipping Has Doubled Warehouse Land Prices (Recode)
Our increasing demand to buy gadgets, groceries and other goods online is actually driving up the price of land on which to store those items.

Would Google’s Sale of Zagat Have Any Impact on Restaurant Reviews? (Geomarketing)
David Kaplan: The role of reviews has changed dramatically for local businesses since Google bought Zagat in 2011. And so has Google’s ability to manage brands’ offline digital presence.

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