Street Fight Daily: Brands Benefit from Voice Revolution, Placed Unveils New Attribution Tool

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

As Voice Has Its Moment, Tech Giants Give Brands a Way Into the Conversation (AdWeek)
Voice is having its moment. People are talking, devices are listening and brands are attempting to insert themselves into the conversation, using Amazon Alexa voice skills and Google Home apps.

New Street Fight Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices in Enterprise Local Marketing (Street Fight)
David Card: The report “Enterprise Local Marketers 2017: Benchmarking and Best Practices” examines current trends in their local marketing tactics, channels, and operations. By analyzing the survey data and correlating digital marketing effectiveness with spending, tactics, and management, Street Fight has identified key enterprise local marketing best practices.

Placed Debuts Attribution Tool to Tie Paid Search to In-Store Foot Traffic (AdExchanger)
Placed measures search clicks using a redirect. But rather than just connecting keyword clicks to landing pages, Placed also ties the clicks to its opt-in location panel of 150 million devices, which generate more than 140 billion latitude and longitude pairs every month.

Patch’s Leader Says the Network Today Is Proof That Local Can Scale (Street Fight)
Warren St. John, who has led Hale Global’s Patch since its 2015 takeover from Aol., says the network has evolved into a workable model for scaled local news — editorially, financially and as a community asset. In this Q & A, he presents his case.

Commercial Break? Many Just Reach for Another Device (eMarketer)
Many people use another device, primarily a smartphone, while simultaneously watching TV. And for the most part, they do so during commercial breaks, according to a June 2017 study from Adobe Digital Insights (ADI).

How Clique Media Group Uses Audience Data to Drive Everything It Does (Digiday)
The company is focused on extracting as much information from its audience as possible. To do that, it involves its readers in everything from conceptual discussions about products to focus groups about the silhouettes of specific items of clothing.

Millenials Love a Good Bargain, Use Digital Coupons Heavily (MediaPost)
With 97% of 18-34-year-olds owning a smartphone, according to Nielsen, the coveted Millennials are money conscious, time-crunched and using digital coupons on a regular basis.

SMB Index: Local Stocks Make Gains in September (Street Fight)
After a flat month in August, the SCP SMB Index gained 2.1%, consistent with the S&P 500 and Dow Jones. Xero led the gainers, up 17.7% in the month of September, while GrubHub led the list of losers down 7.8% during September.

All the Ways Uber and Lyft Are Competing to Be the Friendlier App for Drivers (Recode)
Uber is rolling out a series of new features designed to improve the driver experience — and in some cases, drivers’ earnings. Lyft is following suit, matching Uber’s new features time after time.

Flipboard Opens Up to More Publishers by Embracing the Mobile Web (TechCrunch)
Flipboard is changing the way it works with online publishers, thanks to two connected announcements. Publishers no longer need to work directly with Flipboard in order to get their stories into the app.

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