Street Fight Daily: Snap Seeks Startups as Advertisers, How AI Could Improve Attribution

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Snapchat Incentivizes Startups, Especially Mobile-First Companies, to Advertise On It (Business Insider)
Snapchat is under pressure to prove its viability as more than just an experimental platform for advertisers, and it thinks getting startups on board in their early stages is going to take it there.

What Happens If Facebook Gets Serious About Local? (Street Fight)
Matt McGee: What Google is to search, Facebook is to social. Local business owners know that when it comes to social marketing, a good portion of their success depends on what they and their customers do on Facebook. So if Facebook gets serious about local, could that change the local landscape? What would it look like?

How AI Could Change Attribution Tools (eMarketer)
Julie Lyle, chief revenue officer at acquisition marketing platform DemandJump, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how artificial intelligence (AI) could improve attribution solutions and enable marketers to paint a fuller picture of the customer journey.

4 Ways to Track Traditional Local Media Using Digital (Street Fight)
Mindy Weinstein: Digital and traditional media can work together. Traditional efforts often drive users to search engines, websites and social media platforms. If you own the SERP for your brand, you’ll be able to control what the user sees as they respond to your traditional media campaigns.

How Ikea Deploys AR to Improve Its Customer Experience (Digiday)
The retailer is using augmented reality on smartphones to let customers preview how furniture looks before they buy. Customers use Ikea Place, one of the first apps to use Apple’s ARKit tech, to place the company’s furniture wherever they envision it in their homes.

Alexa Will Soon Connect to Nissans and Act As Remote Control for Cars (Verge)
More automakers are using Amazon’s Alexa to perform some vehicle functions that once required a set of car keys. Nissan is the latest automaker to use Alexa and is offering it in a way that may even benefit customers who purchased their new cars up to two years ago.

Shopify Is Rolling Out an Instagram Feature to Thousands of Merchants (TechCrunch)
The one-stop shop platform provider is opening up its Instagram integration to thousands of its merchants leading up to the holiday season. The platform expansion adds yet another sales channel to the considerable quiver Shopify providers sellers.

Dynamic Ads, Video Analytics Among Google AMP Updates (MediaPost)
Google recently announced several updates to its Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP), including scrolling animation, fluid ad support, and support for video analytics, along with other features to improve ad targeting.

Uber’s Board Approves Changes to Reshape Company’s Power Balance (NYT)
Uber’s board of directors voted on Tuesday for governance changes that will reshape the balance of power at the ride-hailing service, paving the way for a stock sale to the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank and for the company to go public by 2019.

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