Street Fight Daily: Google Appeases Antitrust Regulators on Shopping, Brands Turn to Influencers

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Google Offers to Treat Shopping Rivals Equally Via Auction (Reuters)
Google has offered to display rival comparison shopping sites via an auction, as it aims to stave off further EU antitrust fines, four people familiar with the matter said. Google is under pressure to come up with a big initiative to level the playing field in comparison shopping.

‘Mobile Marketplace’ from Button and Ibotta Adds 30 New Brands (Street Fight)
Ibotta and Button today launched a performance-based marketing platform that improves customer acquisition and mobile traffic. The new marketing platform extends the benefits that come with Ibotta rewards to fast-track the mobile commerce efforts of traditional retailers.

Why More Brands Are Adding Young Influencers to Their Creative and Marketing Teams (AdWeek)
A nascent trend has seen brands like Target, CoverGirl, and Band-Aid revamp their influencer strategies, moving away from one-off deals to long-term relationships where influencers help craft product or retail designs on an ongoing basis.

How AI Bots, Voice Assistants Are Changing Shopper Behaviors (Street Fight)
Rapid changes in the way people communicate aren’t just impacting personal relationships, they’re also hitting the retail market as consumer preferences evolve. In a new report released just this morning, the post-purchase solutions provider Narvar uncovers generational differences in how consumers prefer interacting with retailers.

The Luxe Lab at Neiman Marcus Signals a Shift in Focus for Department Stores (Digiday)
As sales and foot traffic decline, department stores are looking to new designers and brands to drive people back in. Last week, Neiman Marcus announced the arrival of Luxe Lab, a boutique-like collection of merchandise picked from a group of “forward-thinking” designers.

Most Marketers Say They Understand AI, But the Details Are Hazy (eMarketer)
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been invoked by everyone from Elon Musk, who warns the technology could spell the end of humanity, to labor analysts, who caution it could bring an end to most jobs. But what, exactly, does the phrase mean to marketers?

Vox Bends to the Wave of Using Tech to Sell Ads (Business Insider)
Vox Media is finally going fully programmatic. The digital media company, which owns publications such as, SB Nation and Recode, says it will now start selling its premium ads using automated software and data.

CNN: Platform Distribution is Part of Being a Modern Publisher (AdExchanger)
To be a modern broadcaster, CNN believes it has to distribute content everywhere and be a launch partner when platforms like Snapchat Discover, Apple News and Facebook Messenger roll out publisher products.

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