Street Fight Daily: Digital Habits Disrupt Grocery, What New iPhones Mean for Brands

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Deloitte Study Shows 51% of Grocery Purchases Influenced by Digital, Urges Action (MediaPost)
For consumer products companies and retailers, all of this translates to increased urgency to deliver on consumers’ digital, omnichannel expectations. That will require building “next-generation capabilities that drive the convergence of digital/physical marketing, the consumer/shopper, and online/offline purchases.”

New iPhones May Open the Door for Brands to Experiment With AR (Street Fight)
The new iPhones are an opportunity for brands to reach potential customers in new ways, especially when merged with location, says Wendell Lansford, co-founder of Wyng, a digital campaign platform for agencies and brands.

End of an Era: Amazon’s 1-Click Patent Expires, Opening Practice to Rivals (Digiday)
Amazon’s one-click buying process, patented by the company back in the heady days of 1999, expired on Tuesday. And retailers, which until now have either had to not use one-click buying or pay Amazon licensing fees to do so, might be looking to capitalize.

PlaceIQ Study Examines the State of Integrated Marketing (Street Fight)
A generational shift is impacting the way consumers interact with brands, downplaying the role that physical stores play in the traditional retail environment. According to Duncan McCall, CEO of location intelligence firm PlaceIQ, the changes that brands have seen thus far are just the tip of the iceberg.

Google Relaxes Policy on Subscription Sites, Lending Publishers a Hand (WSJ)
Google Inc. is planning to end its “first click free” policy that enables users of its search engine to bypass paywalls on news websites, a move that could help publishers boost subscriptions, News Corp Chief Executive Robert Thomson said Tuesday.

How Home Depot Has Remained ‘Amazon-Proof’ (Digiday)
For Home Depot, Amazon doesn’t seem to be as big of a threat as it is for fashion retailers and department stores. The home improvement chain’s quarterly sales reached a record high this year when many retailers are closing their stores.

Facebook Tests Instant Videos That Will Not Drain User Data (AdWeek)
One of the pitfalls of the explosion of mobile video is the drain on viewers’ data plans. Facebook is testing a way around that.

Slack Introduces Shared Channels to Let Companies Collaborate (Verge)
Slack today introduced shared channels, a way for companies to create ongoing joint chatrooms to do business together. The feature, which will be available to paid users of Slack, can now be accessed through an open beta program.

This Startup Wants to Provide E-Commerce Sites with Return Centers (Recode)
A startup called Happy Returns is building a nationwide network of return points inside malls and mom-and-pop stores in an attempt to give other e-commerce sites a similar footprint.

A Publisher’s Perspective on Cross-Channel Attribution Challenges (eMarketer)
Peter Foster, general manager of global advertising and brand solutions at Match Group, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about the role publishers play in cross-channel attribution and discussed the limitations of existing attribution models.

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