Street Fight Daily: Self-Driving Cars Now Deliver Pizzas, Amazon Expands Advertising

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Ford and Domino’s to Deliver Pizza Using Self-Driving Cars in New Test (TechCrunch)
Ford and Domino’s are teaming up on a research trial that will see Ford cars equipped with self-driving tech delivering pizzas to regular consumers, as a way of figuring out how everyday people will react to, and interact with, autonomous service vehicles in the future.

How Wells Fargo Connects Locally Via Sports, Philanthropy, and Digital (Street Fight)
Gary Korotzer, EVP of marketing and brand strategy and community bank marketing for Wells Fargo, says that through a mix of efforts the bank weaves its way into the day-to-day lives and needs of its customers.

Amazon Grows Its Programmatic Ad Business (Digiday)
Agency execs say Amazon is opening up and evolving self-service for Amazon Media Group, its advertising arm that works similarly to programmatic advertising to serve ads to people off

Captivate Adds Content Partners in Push for a 360-Degree Ad Solution (Street Fight)
The company has 12 new content providers joining its digital place-based media network target consumers on screens in thousands of building elevators and lobbies across the U.S. The partners include Vox Media, Bloomberg, Billboard, Quartz, and The Hollywood Reporter, as well as Stadium sports video content.

Hearst’s Barrett on Talks With Facebook: Progress, but More Needs to Happen (Street Fight)
The president of Hearst Newspapers Digital Media details what he sees as the current promise of Facebook’s nascent effort to promote subscriptions for local news publishers and assesses the state of other major, yet-to-be-resolved issues for the publishers as they weigh their future on and with the tech giant. AdWeek: Facebook pages that share fake news will be banned from advertising

Uber’s CEO Choice Faces a Question of Ambitions (NYT)
Farhad Manjoo: Mr. Khosrowshahi faces one primary question: Will the company still aim to become the Amazon of transportation, or will it settle for being the Expedia of its market — one of the largest of several players in its industry, but not expansionist and messianic, hellbent on becoming the next great American technology behemoth? Recode: Benchmark is still suing Kalanick

How The NYT Uses Its Mobile App to Amass Subscribers (AdExchanger)
The New York Times’ mobile app, which the publisher once feared would cannibalize its desktop subscriber rate, has turned out to be the watering hole where many of the Times’ young, engaged readers hang out. 

Restaurants Stalk Patrons on Social Media to Develop Dining Experience (Quartz)
Just as media outlets and retail companies have embraced technologies to better track and analyze their customers, restaurateurs are striking down a similar path. 

Social Advertising Isn’t Really Driving Conversations (eMarketer)
An August 2017 study from CivicScience, an online polling company, found that very few US internet users have made a purchase based on ads they saw on social platforms, like Facebook or Snapchat.

Adsquare Forms Data Alliance (MediaPost)
Aiming to offer advertisers high-quality data from first- and third-party sources, mobile data exchange Adsquare on Tuesday launched the Adsquare Data Alliance. The Berlin-based firm said it created the alliance to offer advertisers accurate data at scale in a secure environment.

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