Street Fight Daily: Verizon’s Path to Disrupting the Duopoly, Twitter Data’s Potential

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

As Yahoo Deal Closes, Verizon Looks to Disrupt the Duopoly (Business Insider)
Two years after the AOL deal closed, people in the advertising industry say Verizon’s promise to capitalize on it as a digital advertiser has yet to be realized. Now, Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo — set to close on June 13 — will add another layer to the complexity.

Empyr Partners with Vendasta to Expand Its SMB Reach (Street Fight)
Online-to-offline marketing platform Empyr has announced a partnership with Vendasta that has the potential to rapidly scale up and deepen its customer base. The deal makes Empyr’s CPR (cost-per-revenue), performance marketing platform available on Vendasta’s marketplace, which sells digital solutions through more than 2,000 local marketing agencies.

MoPub Is Testing Ways to Do More with Twitter Data (AdExchanger)
After years of will they/won’t they, MoPub is finally going to take better advantage of Twitter data. The mobile exchange, acquired by Twitter in 2013, is testing so-called audience packages: segments powered by MoPub data and anonymized audience insights from Twitter.

Modern Marketing Means Mobile Messaging (MediaPost)
Harvey Chipkin: The move to messaging as a primary form of communication between companies and consumers is, if anything, accelerating — and it’s time for marketers to be sure they are at least up to date on what this channel might mean for them and their specific products. 

Remember $700,000 ads? Now Snapchat Wants Small-Business Ad Dollars (VentureBeat)
When Snapchat started selling ads, the app demanded upwards of $700,000 a spot — not Super Bowl prices, but still a hell of a lot of money. Over the years things changed: Snapchat users got used to ads, and Snap started selling more ad spots at lower rates.

How Uber’s Chief is Gaining Even More Clout in the Company (NYT)
Travis Kalanick, the chief executive of Uber, already wields plenty of control over the company because it is structured to favor its founders. But Kalanick is quietly amassing even more control than entrepreneurs typically enjoy at their start-ups.

Why the Disintegration of Chicago’s Most Iconic Media Brand is Such a Blow to the City (AdWeek)
These days, it’s hard to find anyone that confident about the Tribune. There is good reason. After decades of reporting the news, the Windy City’s once-great multimedia empire has generated stories about itself for a change, and none of them is especially encouraging.

Why Brand Safety Isn’t a One-Click Fix (Digiday)
No one wants their brand to appear beside a potentially offensive video or piece of content, so it’s no surprise that 62 percent of agency executives rated context and site quality as a top priority, along with good audience metrics (56 percent) and viewability metrics (48 percent), according to a recent Turn survey.

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