Street Fight Daily: Amazon Disrupts Retail in Seattle, Oracle Makes IoT Data Actionable

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Amazon’s Living Lab: Reimagining Retail on Seattle’s Streets (New York Times)
While Amazon has never articulated the grand strategy behind its expansion into physical stores, analysts and tech executives believe its goal is to capture a bigger share of some forms of shopping — food being the biggest — that may never move entirely online.

What Does It Mean to Practice Local SEO Ethically? (Street Fight)
Damian Rollison: It can be all too easy to give the client the impression that search marketing is too hard from them to really understand — so they should just trust you. But that sets the stage for a relationship that is not based on ethical behavior.

Oracle Launches Apps to Surface Predictions and Insights from IoT Sensor Data (VentureBeat)
Oracle announced the launch of four new cloud-based software solutions today to give businesses actionable insights from the tracking of sensors connected to vehicles, machinery, and employees.

Here’s How Marketers Can Capitalize on Valentine’s Day Foot Traffic Trends (Street Fight)
According to a new analysis of Valentine’s Day foot traffic trends conducted by the location intelligence company Foursquare, movie theaters are the place to be on Valentine’s Day. Theaters see an incredible 255% lift in foot traffic, compared to the week before — and 64% of moviegoers opt to eat out before or after the show.

Using Data to One-Up the Competition (AdExchanger)
Arther Wu: Data can be used as a means to acquire customers from competitors. As the demand for competitive information grows, there are numerous SaaS solutions on the market to help brands identify their rivals’ customers and track what they’re doing and saying.

More Than 60% of Snapchat Users Skip Ads on the Platform (Digiday)
Snapchat has been promoting its ad products and encouraging marketers to pay to play. But the ad-supported revenue model doesn’t seem to work well for the platform as it is supposed to be, at least for now.

Why Consumers Get Email Fatigue (eMarketer)
Email marketing—a mainstay for grabbing customers’ attention—only works when it is not abused. Research shows that internet users are most likely to unsubscribe from email lists because they get too many emails in general. 

Cross-Platform Measurement is Moving Forward Despite Setbacks (MediaPost)
The question, then, is not whether cross-platform measurement will become a reality. The questions are how long will it take for metrics generated by solutions encompassing all of the key platforms to be available to all parties involved and the public, and what solution or solutions will come to be most widely adopted as currency by the marketplace.

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