Street Fight Daily: Lyft and Uber Deploy Targeted Ads in Cars, Marketers Eager as Spectacles Hit NYC

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Lyft and Uber Deploy Targeted Advertising on Screens in Back Seats of Rideshare Cars (MediaPost)
Some of what in-car marketing might look like in the future already is in motion in ridesharing vehicles like Uber and Lyft. This version of in-car advertising is in play in more than 11,000 ridesharing vehicles in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, expanding to four more markets next year.

Study Points to Opportunities to Help Big Marketers and Their Affiliates (Street Fight)
David Card: BrandMuscle’s analysis of its own customer base shows that co-op support is not aligned with digital and social media marketing. Nearly 60% of them manage their marketing themselves, though their digital efforts are more effective if they outsource management to agencies or vendors.

As Snapchat Spectacles Hit East Coast in NYC, Marketers Like What They See (TechCrunch)
Snapchat has been dropping its Spectacles-selling Snapbot vending machines at various spots across the country, but Monday marks the first time it’s put them on the east coast — and the new location is smack dab in the middle of NYC at the southeast corner of Central Park. Digiday: Marketers eager to take advantage of Spectacles.

How Frequently Do Millenials Transact Via Mobile? (eMarketer)
Millennials frequently use their mobile devices to pay for things, but concerns about identity fraud or security may be stopping more from transacting this way. August 2016 research found that though many millennial smartphone users in North America and the UK do transact via mobile—whether every day or a few times per week—there are others that only do so once a month or a few times per year.

3 Next-Level Yelp Tricks for Business Owners (Search Engine Land)
Brian Patterson: Yelp is far more complex than it seems on the surface. Following are three great tricks that small business owners can use to take advantage of the nuances of Yelp to improve their Yelp pages.

Will the New Political Landscape Reinvigorate Local News? (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: My look at some local coverage of the election offers encouraging clues to how good journalism can have a positive impact on the business models for local news. It also implies that the coming Trump era is very likely to accelerate the industry’s transformation.

The Key to Making a Mobile Site Customers Want (Wall Street Journal)
Shoppers increasingly are ditching their desktops and doing their buying on mobile phones. But many small businesses aren’t making it easy for them. Of the 64% of small U.S. businesses that have websites, says RBC Capital Markets, only 33% are optimized for mobile viewing. The result? It can be like having a “closed” sign on the door.

How to Use Google Maps Like a Local Recommendation Service (Wired)
That semi-serendipitous meal was possible because I had compiled suggestions from friends in a custom Google Map. And unlike a guidebook, it wasn’t weighing me down or outing me as a tourist.

1% of Americans Rent Out Their Homes on AirBnB and Similar Platforms (Quartz)
Just 1% of US adults earned money by renting out their home on Airbnb or a similar platform in the last year, according to data released this week by Pew Research Center. That’s compared to the 11% who say they’ve booked a stay using a home-sharing site, according to previous research from Pew. Those users skew toward the white, wealthy, and well-educated.

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