Street Fight Launches 2nd Annual ‘State of Hyperlocal’ Executive Survey

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Last year, companies selling hyperlocal technology and services were obsessing over mobile and social, according to our Street Fight executive survey. That focus aligned well with big brands and retailers doing local marketing, but local merchants were just starting to think about mobile. So what investments will make sense in 2017?

With your help, we’ll find out, and present the results at our upcoming Street Fight Summit NYC next month. We’ll also do further analysis in a report to follow shortly after the Summit. You can see what was hot or not in last year’s State of Hyperlocal report. As shown below, over half of our survey respondents — mostly C-level execs or VPs in a mix of ad-tech, data analytics and services, and commerce technology providers — said they were investing in mobile. Mobile and social also ranked one and two in commerce tech.


In other Street Fight research, we found that mobile was gaining traction with big brands that were supporting their local branches and distributors. Although only used by a quarter of them, it was at the top of their budgets. But mobile marketing was barely on the radar screen for small business. We’ll see if that gap has closed at all, and observe whether analytics and programmatic ad buying and selling are moving up the list.

We’ll also ask about challenges facing would-be suppliers of local marketing and commerce tech, and what are the big potential roadblocks for the overall industry. And we’ll check in on what’s working in marketing for suppliers. Last year, our executive survey respondents deemed their own company’s brand awareness as their biggest challenge, even more than proving ROI to customers.

So if you’re on the supply side of the connected local economy, take our short survey and add your two cents on what’s driving the market into 2017. We’ll share preliminary top-line results in a similar post, and then, as noted, at the Summit and in a report, distributed in advance to survey participants. Thanks for your thoughts; I’m eager to see them.

David Card is Street Fight’s director of research.

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  1. September 12, 2016

    I responded in full to this survey, checking all required boxes, but at the end, I was told I had not. Seems a glitch in the survey’s checking system

    1. Laura_Rich
      September 12, 2016

      Hi Bob, sorry you’re having trouble. We have seen other responses come through and have tested it again ourselves. Can you try again, or send a screenshot to info at streetfightmag dot com. Thanks-

      1. September 12, 2016

        Thanks for responding, Laura. I retook the surgery, and all went through this time.

        1. Laura_Rich
          September 12, 2016

          Oh good, I’m glad to hear it!

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