The State of Hyperlocal


There is never a shortage of new technologies and marketing/selling techniques in the Connected Local Economy. But suppliers selling into local business, particularly smaller organizations or startups, have to pick their battles. To gauge what was getting the most and least attention, we asked executives which technologies and digital tactics their companies were investing the most over the next 12 to 18 months, across both advertising/marketing and commerce/transactions.

This report provides rich analysis, market direction and a peek at trends for 2016.




This report offers a quick snapshot of what’s on the minds of companies selling technology and services into the hyperlocal media and commerce marketplace. For input into our analysis, Street Fight posted a short executive survey during September and October of 2015. We promoted the survey through blog posts on the Street Fight website, through social media, and in the Street Fight newsletter, and offered as an incentive a discount on tickets to our New York conference held in October 2015. Thirty-five executives, almost all of whom said they were VP or C-level, from a fairly even mix of ad tech, data analytics and services, and commerce technology providers – along with a few publishers and agencies – completed the survey.

Readers can use this analysis to get a directional view of the technologies those kinds of companies are prioritizing, and what they think are near-term challenges and opportunities in the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Yes, mobile is hot, but it’s early for small local merchants.
  • Social media marketing still represents the new technology for them, and it’s also a short cut to reaching mobile customers.
  • There’s a need for marketing and commerce tech portals or hubs, and since supplier brand awareness and consideration – core advertising and content marketing opportunities – are pieces of the puzzle, that hub could be a role for local publishers.