Street Fight Daily: Restaurants Eager for New Tech, P&G’s Facebook Experiment

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Restaurants Would Implement Predictive Ordering, Drones if Available (eMarketer)
Four in five restaurant operators agreed that technology can help increase sales, and the use of it in a restaurant provides a competitive advantage. More than half of US restaurant owners and operators said they would implement predictive ordering technology, if it were available. Using drones to deliver food was another option they would employ if it existed.

How the DMN’s Speakeasy Became a Major Revenue Driver in the Transition to Digital (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: The newspaper’s in-house digital agency has grown to 70 client businesses that provide a significant share of the estimated $40 million of annual revenue that doesn’t originate within the walls of the DMN. The division has become the centerpiece of the company’s work to to re-establish a revenue growth model.

Why P&G Decided Facebook Ad Targeting Often Isn’t Worth the Money (AdAge)
Targeting to super-specific audiences was expensive but didn’t result in a big difference to its business, P&G CMO Marc Pritchard told The Wall Street Journal. The company, whose massive portfolio of household brands includes Tide and Crest, had experimented with Facebook’s most sophisticated targeting tools, which allow advertisers to reach a narrowly defined audience.

6 Ways Brands Can Automate Updates on Local Facebook Pages (Street Fight)
For a brand with 10, 100, or even 1,000 locations, having to create and manually update local Facebook pages can be daunting, but a number of hyperlocal vendors have stepped in with solutions to streamline the process. Here are six examples of platforms that multi-location businesses can use to automate their updates across local Facebook pages.

Uber Hits Another Cultural Roadblock Abroad (Business Insider)
Transport for London is standing by its decision to enforce regulations that will require Uber drivers to pass a written English test. Under the new legislation, which comes into play on October 1, Uber drivers will have to pass a written English test before they are awarded their private hire licence which they need to in order to legally drive for Uber in London.

Retail Beacons to Be Felt Well After Shoppers Leave the Store (MediaPost)
There are now 6 million beacons in the marketplace, according to Unacast, a beacon data platform company. That’s 33% more than just the previous quarter.

How Yelp Plans to Consolidate Mobile Gains and Reach $1B in Revenue (GeoMarketing)
David Kaplan: Given the extensive efforts Google and Facebook have been putting into attracting smaller businesses’ marketing dollars, Yelp’s strength continues to be rooted in national advertisers.

This Fashion Brand is Partnering with Pinterest to Boost Sales (Glossy)
Using Pinterest’s application program interface, Burberry is creating boards with suggested products and makeup tips for users. The collaboration is part of an effort by Burberry to promote its new mascara line and is an extension of the company’s continued focus on digital.

Snapchat is Letting More Brands Run Ads Between Friends’ Stories (AdWeek)
When Snapchat unleashed its ad-tech program Snap Partners in June with plans to serve video ads between stories, observers wondered how users would respond to seeing ads alongside their friends’ videos and photos. Two months in, Snapchat is already expanding its initial pilot to include more advertisers eager to reach the app’s 150 million daily users.

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