Street Fight Daily: Startups Tackle Local News, Facebook Partners With Undertone Networks

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Neighborhood Watch: Online Startups Tackle Local News (Associated Press)
A handful of new startups are tackling a thorny problem that AOL couldn’t solve with zillions of dollars: How to cover local news in different cities without going broke. The latest entrant is the brainchild of three media executives who want to launch a string of sites in mid-size cities, starting with Denver. Their first site, Denverite, launched on June 14 with a staff of nine and an expected annual budget of $1 million.

Your Local Broadcast: Centric Finds the Cameras in Your Neighborhood (Street Fight
The new service is a video discovery app and broadcasting platform that enable users to browse, view and interact with video that’s being shared around them. “It’s like being handed a new map to your neighborhood that has all sorts of stuff you didn’t know existed before,” said CEO Vincent Gibson.

Undertone Partners with Facebook Canvas for Faster Mobile Ads and Better Targeting (AdWeek)
Undertone is plugging into Facebook Canvas to let brands running campaigns with the New York digital ad company begin including faster mobile-first, cross-device retargeting. Through Undertone parent company Perion’s MakeMeReach platform, advertisers will be able to use the Canvas ad format for cross-device campaigns across Facebook. Adweek: Facebook and Instagram Get New Tools to Build Better Mobile Ads.

The Hidden Risks of the Bot Explosion (TechCrunch)
Jennifer Snell: I am confident the bot revolution is a step in the right direction for the technology community and society as a whole. But we can’t hide behind machines in these new human-machine relationships. People will only trust their bots if they trust the makers of their bots. TechCrunch: Yahoo launches chatbot-equipped mobile travel guide.

#SFSW16 VIDEO: How On-Demand is Changing the Way Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Compete with E-Commerce (Street Fight
While ecommerce companies have doubled down on taking their chunks out of the local pie, some on-demand services are trying to find ways to use their immediacy to help brick-and-mortar businesses fight back. At Street Fight Summit West earlier this month, a panel looked at this tension between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar.

How to Communicate Better with Multichannel Shoppers (eMarketer)
Shoppers feel empowered by their mobile devices to make buying decisions anytime, anywhere. However, this behavior poses a threat to traditional retail. David Rush, CEO and co-founder of real-time social media marketing platform Earshot, told eMarketer’s Tricia Carr how shopper marketers can effectively communicate with and convert the multichannel shopper.

Who Owns the Newsroom: Platforms or Publishers? (Columbia Journalism Review)
We spoke to more than 60 people who work in news organizations and platform companies as well as 15 social media managers to gain more insight into the relationship between publishers and the platforms they have come to depend on.

Can Private Marketplaces Get Publishers To Adopt Geotargeting More Widely? (Geomarketing)
Publishers are wary of using geo-data to target ads for fear of giving up precious first party data and alienating their audience. Native ad specialist Blis hopes to change doubters’ minds.

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