Street Fight Daily: Google AMP Yields Mixed Reviews, Voice Search Far From Mass Adoption

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Publishers Give Mixed Reviews So Far to Google AMP (Digiday)
Publishers are giving mixed reviews to Google AMP three months after the fast-loading article pages initiative launched. Accelerated Mobile Pages is still in its infancy, and it’s hard for them to know what any new platform feature will do for them. But some publishers say that while AMP has delivered on its promise to speed up the web, it’s not driving much traffic.

Yelp Extends Online Booking Capabilities with New Platform Partners (Street Fight)
Yelp took another step yesterday in its expansion into the online booking arena this morning, with the announcement that it would be adding five new platform partners to its roster: Whittl, TicketNetwork, for laundry, Peek and foodjunky.

Voice Search Remains Far From Mass Adoption (Business Insider)
Voice assistants have long been lauded as the next big platform to allow companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft to fully embed themselves within everyday life. But a recent survey shows that majorities of respondents across both platforms mentioned — 70% for Siri, and 62% for OK Google — only rarely or sometimes use the voice assistants.

5 Tools for Capturing Customers from Competitors (Street Fight)
Merchants can use multiple tactics to turn a competitor’s customers into their own, from timely advertisements and relevant mobile messaging to targeted social media coupons. Here are five examples of platforms businesses can use to poach customers from their competitors.

New Products Are the Top Digital Disruptor (eMarketer)
Respondents revealed key sources where digital disruption is occurring within their organizations. More than a quarter of technology executives identified new innovative products and services (27%) as the biggest disruptors. In second place, 23% named new forms of customer engagement (23%).

Tribune Publishing Chairman: We Want to Publish 2,000 Videos Daily with AI (Recode)
On CNBC Monday, Ferro outlined some of his plans to revitalize the company, whose share price has dropped by nearly half over the last couple years. It involves using vaguely described machine learning technology to produce lots of video.

The Internet of Commerce is Coming to a Retailer Near You (ReadWrite)
Imagine a time when your retail purchases are curated, refined and personalized by your previous purchasing habits. You receive a package of ink in the mail when your printer runs low and a new toothbrush head just before it’s time to change yours. This is the Internet of Commerce, according to James Gagliardi, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at Digital River, and it’s coming to your home and workplace.

In a New Survey, Executives Say IoT Will Be Essential to Company Futures (Business Insider)
The IoT Revolution is picking up speed and when it does, it will change how we live, work, travel, entertain, and more. 81% of executives in industrial sectors like manufacturing, mining, and automotive agree that successful adoption of IoT technologies will be critical for the future success of their companies.

Uber Rolls Out App Improvements to Meet Driver Demands (New York Times)
On Monday, the company announced a host of software improvements to its app to address driver demands. Among the changes, drivers can now more easily pause ride requests, making it easier for them to take bathroom breaks and fill their gas tanks. Drivers can now also be paid instantly for each ride they complete, rather than weekly, and see on the app’s dashboard how much they have earned.

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