LBMA Podcast: Starship Technologies Planning Fleet of Delivery Robots, MediaSignage Geotargets Moving Cars

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Starship Technologies is planning a fleet of delivery robots; MediaSignage geotargets moving vehicles; LISNR raises $10 million; Amazon kills Amazon Local and Amazon Register; Member news from Facebook; Walgreens; Apple; Google; SweetIQ; what3words + ESRI; plus GeoFeedia-Sports World Chicago case study.

Top Stories of the Week:

1. Starship Technologies — a new fleet of delivery robots 7:12
2. LISNR raises $10 million 10:05
3. Amazon kills Amazon Local and Amazon Register 13:24
4. MediaSignage — geotargeting moving vehicles 17:15
5. Rodilla invites you to lunch 19:53

Resource: GeoFeedia-Sports World Chicago Case Study 21:51

LBMA Member News:

1. Facebook to tell brands who’s nearby 24:29
2. Walgreens integrates rewards with Apple Pay 26:31
3. Apple testing new indoor survey app 27:46
4. Google brings DoubleClick to billboards 29:47
5. SweetIQ raises $4.2 million 31:32
6. what3words + ESRI 33:00