Street Fight Daily: Analyzing Yesterday’s Apple Event, Square Plans Q4 IPO

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

The Same, Only More So: Apple Introduces Comprehensive Refresh of Mobile, Wearables, and TV (Street Fight)
If there is a specifically local business implication to the new products and services, it lies in this deeper level of integration with a more mobile world, where the nimbleness of apps (think computing lite) gives everyone the ability to customize and communicate on the fly.

Square Said to Seek Fourth-Quarter IPO as Twitter Decision Looms (Bloomberg)
Square is pressing ahead with plans for its IPO even as Twitter’s board is considering whether Jack Dorsey, Square’s founder and current CEO, will remain CEO of the social media company, where he is a top internal candidate for the role. But at this point, the timing of Square’s IPO is more contingent on market conditions than whether Dorsey remains CEO.

IronSource Merges With Supersonic in Mobile Ad Consolidation Play (TechCrunch)
On the heels of AOL snapping up Millennial Media last week comes another mobile advertising consolidation play. IronSource, a specialist in mobile app distribution and promotion services, has merged with SupersonicAds, a mobile ad company specializing in in-game and in-app ads. The deal will create one large mobile ad player covering 1 billion monthly users.

7 Tools SMBs Can Use to Track Leads (Street Fight)
When local merchants spend big on digital marketing, they expect to see results. Without using the appropriate tracking technology, however, it can be downright impossible to determine whether a marketing method is working. Here are seven options, each for a different type of business or marketing scenario.

It’s Not ‘Winner-Take-All’ for Uber or Lyft, Says the Only Investor in Both (Business Insider)
Whereas others have already named Uber as the dominant force, Uber and Lyft investor Troy Carter sees a future where both companies exist in the fabric of the transportation ecosystem. After all, they had two distinct ideas when Carter first invested in them.

3 Huge Challenges Facing New Angie’s List Chief (Time)
Consumers are reluctant to pay for content online, and when that content is provided for free by average Joes whose opinions and views are likely based on limited experiences, the idea of paying for it seems absurd. No one pays to access the restaurant reviews at Yelp, the hotel reviews at TripAdvisor, or the product reviews at Amazon. Now, this issue is the responsibility of new Angie’s List CEO Scott Durchslag.

Medium’s Evan Williams to Publishers: Your Website is Toast (Forbes)
Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Medium, said in a recent interview that the future of publishing is not in individual websites but in large platforms. Ultimately, only they can offer wide distribution to large groups of people. More than that, Williams thinks the key will be providing social context for content.

Content Blocking in iOS 9 Unlikely to Bring About Mobile “Admageddon” (Marketing Land)
Greg Sterling: Ad blocking (at least for now) won’t affect ads in mobile apps, where users spend most of their time today. Still, ad blocking in iOS 9 may motivate a renewed effort and focus on mobile apps.

Is Local a Specialist or a Full-Service Game? (Street Fight)
Local startups have reached a tipping point — go big, or go home. The fifth annual Street Fight Summit on Oct. 20th in NYC will explore the shifting local landscape. Conversations will look at the future of beacons, retail marketing, the changing programmatic landscape, and the nascent battle in mobile.

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