Street Fight Daily: Foursquare Partners With Twitter, Amazon Eyes Hotel Business

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Why Twitter and Foursquare Just Struck a Deal (Fortune)
Twitter on Monday announced that it has partnered with Foursquare, a startup focused on local business recommendations, to allow users to include their location in Tweets. Beyond the product implications for Twitter, this deal highlights an aspect of Foursquare that the company is eager to tout.

How Package Goods Companies Use Location to Market on Mobile (Street Fight)
The benefits of location data are obvious for retailers with physical storefronts, but can consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands capitalize in similar ways? Some of the largest CPG brands started to ramp up mobile spending last year as they look to influence an increasingly smartphone-wielding shopper.

Amazon’s New Hotel Business Begins to Take Shape (Skift)
And so it begins. Amazon is experimenting and grasping for new ways to makes its mark in the hotel business. The new effort, which rolled out in the last couple of weeks, has been in the works at least since last Fall. It is modest at this point but no one knows where it is heading.

Lessons Learned While Building a Hyperlocal Startup (Street Fight)
Nick Hughes: The hurdles to achieving breakaway speed are vast and much different from building a SaaS business with no connection to a specific geographic location. Add these issues to the overall challenges of building any new business from ground up and startup founders can quickly find themselves in over their heads.

Mobile Will Account for 72% of US Digital Ad Spend by 2019 (eMarketer)
Next year will be the tipping point where mobile ad spending surpasses desktop. And while desktop advertising will remain a significant portion of marketers’ budgets, mobile will continue growing in the double digits to gain more and more market share while desktop spending remains flat.

Six Years In: A Few Thoughts on Foursquare (Medium)
Dennis Crowley: The big idea was to create a system that could crawl the world with people in the same way Google crawls web pages with machines. To then put all of what we’ve learned to use in helping people find the best and most interesting experiences in the real world.

#LDS15 VIDEO: Payments, Panels, and the Push for Mobile Attribution (Street Fight)
Offline attribution has become one of the defining challenges of the mobile advertising industry. Consumers are often using their devices to make purchases in stores — not online — creating an ongoing measurement headache for both brands and media buyers.

Square Opens Square Cash App to Businesses, for a Fee (New York Times)
Square will begin allowing businesses to accept payments using Square Cash, the company’s free peer-to-peer payments app, and will charge small-business owners a 1.5 percent processing fee to do so. The company believe its low transaction fee will entice businesses to accept and promote Cash.

Where Were You 3 Minutes Ago? Your Apps Know (Wall Street Journal)
Dozens of smartphone apps collect so much location data that their publishers can plot users’ comings and goings in detail. Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University concluded that a dozen or so popular Android apps collected device location roughly every three minutes.

Why 2016 Could Be the Yik Yak Election (Yahoo)
The activity on Yik Yak during Senator Ted Cruz’s announcement is due partly, of course, to the fact that the event was held on a college campus. But Yik Yak is also particularly well-suited for onsite snark and commentary –– so much so that it could very well become the breakout app of the 2016 election.

Can Data Save the Mall? (AdAge)
Developers like Westfield, one of the world’s largest mall operators with 435 million customer visits last year, are exploring services that merge the digital and physical worlds to further engage shoppers. These “smart malls” feature digital storefronts, free WiFi, beacons and electronic parking assistance.

With A Few Tweaks, Airbnb Could Disrupt Yet Another Multi-billion Dollar Industry (Quartz)
Airbnb has every reason to enter the news services sector—and to threaten a broad range of media/services such as Trip Advisor or Yelp. Seen through the eyes of travel information publishers, Airbnb holds a dream position: a huge base of 25 million potential readers/users well in tune with the brand’s core product and attributes.

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