Street Fight Daily: GoDaddy Renews IPO Push, Amazon Eyes Hotels

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

GoDaddyGoDaddy Seeks Nearly $4.5b IPO Valuation, Talks Diversifying (New York Post) is pushing ahead with an initial public offering early next year that would value the world’s biggest domain registration service at roughly $4.5 billion. GoDaddy stressed its desire to diversify before Google or another rival makes a more serious push.

Study: 1 in 10 Mobile Ad Impressions Leads to a Store Visit  (Street Fight)
xAd released a report this week detailing some new findings about the way mobile ads influence store visits in the auto, retail and restaurant industry. The results show the increasing importance of connecting online mobile activities to offline conversions and store visitation.

Amazon to Get Into Hotel Booking With Launch of Travel Site (Skift) is poised to launch its own travel service, featuring booking at independent hotels and resorts near major cities. The initial rollout of Amazon Travel would feature a curated selection of hotels within a few hours’ drive from New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

Openings and New Hires at LoyalBlocks, Showroom Logic and JUICE Mobile  (Street Fight)
Every two weeks, Kelly Benish — who knows practically everyone in hyperlocal — covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. In this week’s edition, new jobs and hires at Colony Logic, Marquette Group, Skyhook, and more.

Leaked Internal Uber Deck Reveals Staggering Revenue and Growth Metrics (Business Insider)
An internal Uber presentation produced in early 2014 shows that San Francisco generated nearly $18 million of revenue in one month. A year of revenue at that monthly rate would make San Francisco alone a $212 million business annually for Uber. And that’s just one market.

One Guidebook for the Entire World? (Atlantic)
Guidebook makers, like every other sector of the publishing industry, have been hit hard by the proliferation of free digital alternatives. Since 2007, sales for the top five travel publishers—Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, Fodor’s, DK and Moon—have dropped more than 40 percent.

Apple Is Coming to the Aid Of Small Retailers (TechCrunch)
Viktor Marochnic: Apple Pay introduces an easier way for all of us to pay in partnership with big brands, but the fact that Apple has opened up its API for third-party developers could also revolutionize existing SMB apps. Apple Pay, iBeacon and local app discovery functions make it possible to create an app that will drive engagement that both users and business owners can benefit from.

Placed Launches Top 100 Ranking of Most Visited Business In U.S. (Marketing Land)
We have entered the era of “location analytics,” the ability to use mobile devices to measure the impact of digital marketing on store visits and to gain unprecedented insights into consumer activities in the “real world.” One of the leading companies in that realm is Placed, which has just created what it calls the Placed 100.

Next Glass Wine and Beer Recommendation App Replaces Sommeliers With Science (Recode)
Next Glass is an app launching Thursday in Apple’s App store that bases its recommendations on a scientific analysis of some 20,000 bottles of wine and 4,500 bottles of beer. Next Glass asks users to rate beer or wine through a series of yes or no Tinder-like swiping cards; the software matches up a person’s preferences against an ever-expanding database of booze.

Retailers: Combine Location & Mobile Web for a Holiday Advantage (Marketing Land)
Bryson Meunier: Proximity marketing is hot and getting hotter, with many retailers exploring how to use technologies like in-store beacons and in-store inventory search to make holiday shopping as easy as possible for consumers and hopefully get more of them to buy. What I haven’t seen much of, however, is integrating proximity marketing with the mobile Web.

LBMA Podcast: Facebook Challenges Yelp and Foursquare (Street Fight)
On the show: Connected Glass by Rebecca Minkoff; The world’s smallest GPS chip; Pay with your face; on your Samsung phone; and SocialRadar acquires Gridskippr. Our special guest is Rob Cameron, Chief Product and Marketing Office at Moneris.

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