Street Fight Daily: Google Tracks Calls Online, Yahoo Partners With Media Consortium

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology

googleGoogle Lets Advertisers Track Phone Calls Generated From Websites (MarketingLand)
In its latest move to prove the value of its AdWords advertising platform, Google has launched Website Call Conversions. The new conversion type tracks phone calls that happen after a user lands on a website from an AdWords ad.

6 Demand-Based Pricing Platforms for Restaurants (Street Fight)
With the goal of maximizing revenue and keeping their tables filled throughout the day, restaurants are using hyperlocal marketing platforms to incentivize guest reservations during off-peak times. Here are six hyperlocal platforms that restaurants can use to implement demand-based pricing.

Local Media Consortium Partners With Yahoo (NetNewsCheck)
The Local Media Consortium, a nationwide alliance of leading local media outlets, has announced an agreement with Yahoo that enables local marketers and agencies to gain access to Yahoo’s display and native advertising offerings as well as its ad platforms including Yahoo Ad Exchange.

Amazon Getting Pieces in Place for Next-gen Payment System? (Street Fight)
Nate Stewart: At first glance, many are seeing Amazon’s new card reader as a competitive move against the likes of Square and PayPal. But this is actually a tiny start to a bigger vision. Amazon’s vast reach can make its card reader matter in a variety of interesting ways..

As Google Builds Out Own Content, Some Advertisers Feel Pushed Aside (Wall Street Journal)
The world’s largest search engine is transforming its core business, and the basic notion of search. Today, the company is less a Web index and more an Internet destination, offering content and commerce within an ever-growing array of Google services.

Uber Wins a Reprieve in Berlin (New York Times)
Uber is back in business in Berlin, at least for now. The smartphone-based car service won a reprieve on Monday when a local court suspended a ban from the city’s authorities, who had ruled that Uber did not comply with passenger safety standards.

How Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising Changes Everything (SearchEngineLand)
When you combine hyperlocal advertising with the ability to purchase ad impressions individually, through programmatic ad platforms, marketers now have a cost-effective way to engage their audiences in a manner that matches ads to the context of their physical location.

From Westfield Labs Comes An App To Let Your Pre-Order Meals From The Food Court (TechCrunch)
One of Westfield Labs’ most recent applications is Dine On Time, an app that lets busy shoppers skip the line at restaurants in its food court and pay for their meal via mobile app. With the app, users can browse the menus of participating restaurants, add items to their carts and check out.

Europe’s Answer To Square Got A $10 Million Investment — And Then Mysteriously Booted Two Founders (BusinessInsider)
Buried midway through a press release sent out by European mobile payments company SumUp detailing its new $13 million-plus fundraising round is the news that two of the company’s founders will be leaving. Along with Sweden’s iZettle and the German company Payleven, SumUp is one of Square’s main competitors in Europe.

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