Local Media Consortium Partners With IAS to Fight Web Ad Fraud

To fight the pervasive web fraud crisis, the Local Media Consortium, which represents more than 75 local news media companies with 1,700+ digital publications, is partnering with the global data firm Integral Ad Science (IAS), which each day measures and analyzes the quality of 500 billion media metrics.

Local Media Consortium Not About to Retreat From Its Google and Facebook Ties

Questions are being raised about whether news publishers should keep expanding their relationships with Google and Facebook, and even whether they should pull out altogether. But you don’t hear that talk from the Local Media Consortium, which represents more than 70 newspaper, broadcasting and other local media companies.

Local Media Consortium Signing 6 Revenue Partners, Adding More TV Stations

The organization is making major strategic changes – and more are on the way — as it seeks to strengthen the revenue power of its members, who represent a big chunk of the embattled digital local news industry.

Street Fight Daily: Google Builds Cloud-Based Measurement Service, Uber Nabs Google Search Exec

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Google is Building a Cloud-Based Measurement Service for Advertisers… Uber Hires Google’s Former Head of Search, Stoking a Rivalry… Retailers Turn to Silicon Valley to Lure Customers…

Will the New Political Landscape Reinvigorate Local News?

My look at some local coverage of the election offers encouraging clues to how good journalism can have a positive impact on the business models for local news. It also implies that the coming Trump era is very likely to accelerate the industry’s transformation.

LMC Chief: Local News Pessimists Are Missing the Big Innovations

Is the outlook for local digital news as gloomy as a spate of recent reports indicates? Or are the forecasters looking in the rear-view mirror? We spoke recently with Rusty Coats, executive director of the digitally focused Local Media Consortium, about why the prognosis for local media might not be as bad is it seems.

Why Top Newspaper Groups Are Pitching New ‘Solutions’ to the Ad Market (Part 2)

Christian Hendricks, the longtime leader of McClatchy’s digital operations who was recently promoted to VP of Products, Marketing and Promotion, talks about at NMS from the perspective of one of its four founding newspaper groups, and discusses its relationship to the 3-year-old Local Media Consortium.

Local Media Consortium Touts New comScore-Validated Reach

The 75 newspaper groups and broadcasters that comprise the Local Media Consortium have always pitched advertisers that their “premium” content pulled in big numbers of readers. But LMC’s stats on unique visitors to its members’ 1,600 digital platforms were produced by a crazy quilt of measurements from individual publishers. The result was totals so high […]

Local News Media on Ad Blockers: ‘We’re Not Hemorrhaging Revenue’

Ad blocking on mobile has been in the spotlight since Apple launched its iOS 9 operating system in September. “The loss from ad blockers appears to be more of an opportunity loss for publishers than an actual revenue loss,” said Thomas Sly, E. W. Scripps Co. vp of digital revenue and chair of the Local Media Consortium committee established to respond to the ad-blocking threat.

Local Papers Unload on Viewability Bad Actors and ‘Garbage Inventory’

Ever since a 2014 Google study documented that 52 percent of ad impressions actually were not seen by users, viewability has been a front-burner issue for marketers and publishers alike. The digital platforms of local newspapers serve up billions of ad impressions monthly, putting these publishers right in the middle of the issue. To find out how they’re responding, Street Fight spoke with Tobias Bennett, the Local Media Consortium’s advertising expert.

Ad Blocking and iOS 9: How Bad It Could Get and What Publishers Can Do

The impact of Apple’s decision to allow ad blocking apps on devices running the latest version of the company’s mobile operating system continues to reverberate across the advertising and publishing landscape. A recent report by web design and development agency 10up predicts potentially steep revenue losses for publishers. Both advertisers and publishers are closely monitoring user adoption of ad blocking apps and considering possible responses.

How the Local Media Consortium Is Leveraging Its Relationship With Google for Higher CPMs

The Local Media Consortium is working to turn “digital dimes” back into the dollars. To see how the group is progressing, we recently spoke with Tobias Bennett, LMC’s “programmatic advertising champion.”

How Worldnow Plans to Rev Up Revenue for the Local Media Consortium

The newspapers and broadcasters in the Local Media Consortium are betting their digital future on a five-way ad strategy. A big part of the strategy is new LMC member Worldnow, which sells advertising across 450 media sites reaching 81% of U.S. households…

Local Media Consortium’s ‘Legacy’ Members Make Big Moves in Content and Revenue

The LMC recently agreed to two deals that will give the 1,600 digital operations of its 61 members more tools and better opportunities to assemble audiences that are bigger and more engaged and can be served up to advertisers in a variety of pick-and-choose consumer profiles…

‘Legacy’ Publishers Make Big Move Into Content Marketing

Local newspapers and TV broadcasters are making a major innovative leap into the digital space that they hope will bring them big bucks from sponsor-funded content. LMC Executive Director Rusty Coats said member companies are confident that the funded content will become “a major source of [their] digital revenue.”

Street Fight Daily: On-Demand’s Labor Problem, Square Drops Free

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…Handy Sued For Being a Hellscape of Labor Code Violations (ValleyWag)… Square Eschews Free, Starts $29 Pre-Orders For Chip-Based Card Readers (TechCrunch)… HomeAway Integrates Gogobot, Uber and Instacart Into Mobile Services (Skift)…

Street Fight Daily: Pro.com Raises Another $14M, Uber Talks to Regulators

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologyBezos-Backed Pro.com Raises Another $14 Million to Help Renovate Your Home (Businessweek)… Uber Open to ‘Debate’ With European Regulators Over Ride-Sharing Rules (Wall Street Journal)… Bringing Tablets To Restaurant Tables Nationwide Nets E la Carte $35 Million (TechCrunch)…

‘Legacies’ Open Door to ‘Pure Plays’ With Local Media Consortium

The Local Media Consortium has grown to 50 publishers, whose products include 800 newspapers and 200 broadcast stations across the U.S. Here, Rusty Coats, executive director, talks about where LMC is after its first year and where it’s headed…

Street Fight Daily: LightSpeed Raises $35M, Small Businesses Spend on Social

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologyRetail Software Startup LightSpeed Raises $35 Million From iNovia (Recode)… Small Businesses Spend More on Social Than Any Other Media (AdAge)… For Mobile Marketers, The More Crowded The Better (Wall Street Journal)…

Street Fight Daily: Google Tracks Calls Online, Yahoo Partners With Media Consortium

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologyGoogle Lets Advertisers Track Phone Calls Generated From Websites (MarketingLand)… Local Media Consortium Partners With Yahoo (NetNewsCheck)… As Google Builds Out Own Content, Some Advertisers Feel Pushed Aside
 (Wall Street Journal)…