Street Fight Daily: Yelp Open to Graph Search, Foursquare’s Flaw

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 9.32.39 PMYelp Open to Partnering With Facebook’s Rival Offering (Reuters)
Yelp, which analysts say could face intense competition from Facebook “graph search”, is open to partnering with the social networking website’s latest offering, Yelp’s Chief Financial Officer Rob Krolik told Reuters. Analysts have viewed this as a big negative for Yelp as companies such as Facebook have a lot of opportunity to imitate smaller companies, and over a larger audience.

Mobile Local Advertising: Not Just for Early Adopters Anymore (Street Fight)
Michael Boland: Over the past few years I’ve done some axe-grinding about the lack of location targeting in mobile advertising — and the fact that desktop ad strategies have largely been ported over to the small screen, particularly among large brands and agencies. But in recent months we’ve started to see some of those habits break down, beginning with newer companies in mobile that don’t have to “unlearn” anything to get there…

Foursquare Is Generating Too Much Useless Noise (AdAge)
Glen Engler: The value exchange is fundamentally flawed. Foursquare users are checking in to earn points, but the offers aren’t there. Retailers want a more targeted advertising base, but the customers are not immersed enough to be a highly valued “eyeball.” And the masses are left with an increasing percentage of the “noise” being filled by largely useless check-ins.

6 Ways That Broadcasters Can Embrace Hyperlocal (Street Fight)
As local television viewership continues to decline, broadcasters are increasingly looking for ways to expand their offerings to advertisers. One way they’re doing that is by utilizing hyperlocal channels. To find out more about what broadcasters should know before getting involved in hyperlocal, we consulted with experts in the fields of local media and online advertising.

Nesta Research: Public Interest High, Advertiser Interest Low for Hyperlocal Media (London School of Economics)
The findings suggest to us that traditional local and regional media providers may be better placed. Those able to sell advertising space across media (TV, Radio, Print and online), especially using existing sales teams, will be more successful as they are able to appeal to a broader range of advertisers than those who just run hyperlocal websites.

The New Google Maps Is A Social Network In Disguise (Forbes)
The entire Google project has pivoted with its augmented reality Glass from a service of which you ask questions to a service that you query through your behaviors. In this respect, Google Maps is the ideal interface. Where are you? Here’s what you need to know. But it is also more than that, because what it shows you is based on all that it knows about you—which is a lot.

From Amazon Prime To Amazon Pronto, The Future Of Physical Delivery (TechCrunch)
Semil Shah: Same-day delivery is where Amazon will fight one of their many future battles — delivery warfare and special ops to put Amazon goods in our hands and houses in a variety of old school and new age ways. Here’s how I suspect Amazon to carve up these first critical 24 hours of delivery

Mobile App Monetization: Think Business Model, Not Ads (VentureBeat)
Oliver Roup: Spending on mobile devices continues to accelerate at an aggressive pace; naturally, advertisers are following the consumers. Despite this growth, the traditional display ad model of advertising that dominates the Internet just does not translate well to the several inches of screen available on the typical smartphone.

Connecting Offline Shopping With E-Commerce, Curebit Partners With Bonobos On New “Retail Referrals” Program (TechCrunch)
Curebit, an e-commerce startup that has built its business around optimizing and tracking word-of-mouth referrals is now stepping into the world of offline brick-and-mortar commerce with a new solution it’s calling “Retail Referrals.” This new in-store program encourages shoppers to “tell a friend” about their purchase after checkout in order to earn additional store credit if the friend buys using the provided discount code.

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