Street Fight Daily: Ebay’s Same-Day Delivery, Google Localizes Political Spend

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

EBay Debuts Same-day Delivery Service from Local Retailers, ‘eBay Now’ (Venture Beat)
EBay has launched a new same-day shipping service called ‘eBay Now, which will allow shoppers to gain same-day shipping on goods sold by local retailers. The new service puts eBay in direct competition with Amazon, which already offers same-day shipping on products sold to customers in select big cities, including Las Vegas, New York City, Seattle, and Boston.

Google Takes Political Online Ads Local, Allows Campaigns To Target Congressional Districts (TechCrunch)
Today, Google launched a new tool that allows political campaigns to simply select their district and ensure that their ads are shown only within their district. This tool, says Google, allows campaigns to “quickly and easily target their search, display, mobile and video ads solely within that particular district’s border.”

LivingSocial’s Tim O’Shaughnessy on the Power of Decisions (Entrepreneur)
Tim O’Shaughnessy: Our ‘Ah Ha’ moment came with Facebook opening its platform in 2007, where third parties could build applications. I remember thinking ‘Wow, you can access users and create a user base of people faster and cheaper than you ever could at any other point in time on the web.’

Groupon Q2 Earnings Preview: On The Path Towards Profitability (Seeking Alpha)
Heading into the earnings, we could see Groupon continue to make solid progress toward profitability. In Q1, North American revenue was strong (+75% y/y) due to the introduction of technology innovations such as deal personalization, and management guided a conservative $570 million in revenue and $70 million in CSOI for Q2.

Zillow and Other Companies Moving from Consumer to Buisiness (NYT)
There used to be a clearer line between Internet companies that catered to consumers and those that served businesses. The market was neatly divided between the unglamorous business-to-business or B2B companies, operating mostly out of public view, and the flashier business-to-consumer or B2C companies. But with Zillow and a wave of similar firms, that distinction is fading.

AirService Delivers Where Check-In Leaves Off (PandoDaily)
While checking into a location is great, that misses out on the actual experience at a venue. AirService assumes that ground by letting you place orders at a venue from directly within their app.

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