Street Fight Daily: Target Taps Shopkick, Groupon Offers Settlement

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

Target Rolls Out Shopkick Integration Nationwide (TechCrunch)
Target was already announced as a Shopkick partner, but until now, it was limited to testing integration in seven cities. Now, thanks to what the company says were “rave reviews,” it’s expanding its Shopkick integration to all of its 1,764 stores in the United States, making it the largest Shopkick retailer.

Groupon Offers Settlement for Gift-Card Lawsuits (Chicago Sun-Times)
Daily deals site Groupon has offered a settlement to customers who filed lawsuits claiming that their Groupons had unlawful and undisclosed expiration dates or restrictions on when the deals could be redeemed. The 17 lawsuits were consolidated and certified as a class action by a California judge last year. The judge is expected to rule in July whether to accept Groupon’s proposed settlement.

Sonar Offers On-the-Go Messaging to Friend Groups Nearby (GigaOm)
Social discovery app Sonar isn’t just about social discovery any more. One year after its launch, the New York-based startup said it wants to be less of a mechanism for uncovering connections with strangers around you and more of a tool for actually connecting with friends and, eventually other contacts, you already have nearby.

Patch Turning Into UGC Site (ScreenWerk)
Greg Sterling: I suspect we’ll see the majority of content on Patch become user-generated over the next year or so. That is, to the extent that Patch survives. Some AOL shareholders would like to see it completely shut down or spun out as part of a joint venture where a partner shares costs. I suspect the latter is more likely than a complete closure of the site in the near term. This is Tim Armstrong’s baby.

Can Geofeedia Provide Location-based Citizen Input to Journalists? (Directions Magazine)
You are journalist. There’s breaking news across town. How do you tap in to citizen journalists already on the ground in the area? Geofeedia. The feed offers location-based content from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa based on an address or a polygon drawn on a Bing map. The for-fee service was launched last week.

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