Street Fight Daily: Offers to Google Maps, Patch Info in AOL Earnings

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

Google Quietly Launches Groupon Now-Like Free Google Offers Across The U.S. (TechCrunch)
Google has announced its latest update for Google Maps for Android with support for Google Offers. One interesting piece of the news was that Google Maps for Android users now get access to free Google Offers like a free coffee or dessert. Turns out, that’s actually just a small part of a wider update to Google Offers.

AOL Earnings Reports Tell History of Patch Since 2009 (Poynter)
Praise for Patch played a modest part in AOL’s first-quarter earnings report released today, but for journalists interested in the growing network of hyperlocal news sites, it was an important part. Among the trends noted by the report: “Patch grew traffic and advertisers over 40% year-over-year and revenue over 100% year-over-year.”

Savored Makes Restaurant Reservations Based on Your Location (Mashable)
The location-based service searches for and makes restaurant reservations at nearby places, from casual spots to fancier restaurants. A search will return a variety of different dining options, as well as discounts at many restaurants based. Savored currently works with around 1,000 restaurants in 10 cities.

Digital First Readies Community Newsrooms (NetNewsCheck)
The 12 new community newsroom projects will use a variety of methods to involve the community in reporting news, issues and events in the cities, suburbs and towns covered by Digital First. Four of the new projects will involve “mobile community media labs,” which will equip vans with computers and WiFi hot spots for engagement throughout the regions.

Geofencing: Can Texting Save Stores? (Wall Street Journal)
The idea behind geofencing is to target consumers when they are nearby — and the promotions can get hyper-local, like beaming a special on umbrellas to people within a 10-mile radius during a rainstorm, or touting a markdown on aisle 6 when a customer is walking down aisle 3. But adoption by shoppers has been spotty, retailers report.

Facebook Creates Learning Center for SMBs (ScreenWerk)
Greg Sterling: Facebook has created a new “marketing classroom” directly at marketers and SMBs. The initiative is intended to demystify marketing on the site and bring more SMBs into the fold. The learning center features case studies, how-to documentation and webinars.

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