Street Fight Daily: 12.22.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

DealFind Launches Its Version Of Groupon Now: ‘Everyday Deals’ (TechCrunch)
Toronto-based Dealfind is launching a feature called “Everyday Deals,” which is somewhat similar to GrouponNow in that it allows you to find deals you can buy and use right now. But really, the site is more of a deals database, where deals are searchable by location, category and redeemable time.

AOL Shareholder: Patch Will Lose ‘As Much As $150M in 2011’ (Business Insider)
Investment firm Starboard Value LP, which owns 4.5% of AOL, sent a letter yesterday to AOL CEO Tim Armstrong telling him he is blowing it and that he needs Starboard’s help. “This level of losses in a business that already has reasonable scale is extremely troubling,” the letter said of Patch.

The Power of Foursquare (TechCrunch)
While Carmine Gallo is impressed with the 500,000 merchants now on Foursquare, he feels the service will have to attract many more small businesses if it is to remain compelling to its millions of users. That said, what he loves about Foursquare is that it creates “fanatical” users who check in wherever they are in the world.

Howard Owens: Patch Won’t Survive 2012 (Nieman Lab)
The collapse of Patch will lead to a conventional wisdom among pundits that “see, we told you, hyperlocal can’t build a sustainable business model.” Meanwhile, the local independents will continue to soldier on, incrementally building their sustainable businesses. The number of local independent online publishers in the US will double in 2012.

Procter & Gamble Aims to Reinvent and Revitalize Digital Coupons (Daily Deal Media)
The consumer goods behemoth has announced a new partnership with mobeam, a startup with a proprietary method of making barcodes more easily legible to traditional laser scanners. As a result, the partners are launching a pilot program that will deploy the technology and enable shoppers to redeem coupons for Procter & Gamble products directly from their smartphones.

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