Street Fight Daily: 12.20.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

How Siri Could Help Boost Location-Based Services (GigaOm)
Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley said he was immediately struck by the possibilities of using Siri with location-based services. He said Siri could not only call up simple actions quickly, but it could handle a lot more complex location-based tasks with ease. Siri alone, won’t boost location-based services, but it could be a big enabler, according to Crowley.

Eeve Creates Location-Based Photo Groups (TechCrunch)
Eeve is an iPhone app that allows people to create location-based photo albums that sort of clump together to document events. The company lets users create temporary photo albums or what they call “Eeves.” A person taking the first photo at a certain time and location starts an Eeve group. Everybody else also at the same location can simply join and participate (without asking, based on location).

Localscope for iPhone: A Browser For the Real World (ReadWriteWeb)
Jon Mitchell: Most geolocation apps have not yet caught on in consumers’ minds. That’s because most offerings focus on monetizing location, leaving the user interface as an afterthought. Today, I think that changed. I found Localscope, the first location app I’ve ever used that I think I’ll use every day.

CBS Goes Deeper with Local Content Via Deal (Local Onliner)
While Examiner’s content for CBS will have some branding elements on it, the intent is not to bring people to, Brody emphasizes. It is CBS’ audience. CBS Local Media President Ezra Kucharz adds that the deal with Examiner is “a great way to augment our great content in local markets.”

Source: Groupon Doesn’t Have The Cash to Build Its New Data Center (BetaBeat)
Groupon raised $700 million in its IPO, but according to a source familiar with its business, there still isn’t enough cash on hand to make critical structural improvements the company needs to grow. Groupon is shelling out millions every month on hosting costs, and paying a premium to third parties. The company is very eager to construct it own data center, but simply can’t afford it.

Why PayPal’s Daily Deals Could Put Groupon Out of Business (Daily Deal Media)
Michael Essany: Although PayPal is certainly showing up late to the daily deals party, the fashionably late arrival by the eBay-owned juggernaut payment platform could prove an instant game changer for the burgeoning daily deals industry.

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