Twitter Local: @PaulCarr, @AndyEllwood, @LizaBarista and more

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All the tweets that fit… listening in on the hyperlocal Twitterverse.

This week, Erin Carlon, Andy Ellwood, and Clara Shih point their words at customer experience. Vin Vacanti has some grounding advice for startups. Paul Carr, who made waves this past week with the news of his TechCrunch resignation, makes some thinly veiled barbs. And more:

Erin Carlon, ideaworks, September 15, 2011
@ideaworksgal: With social marketing, ask yourself, if you were on the other side of this exchange, how would you want to be treated? @dharmesh #ims11

Paul Carr, formerly TechCrunch, September 17, 2011
@PaulCarr: Today’s NYT crosswords is a total bastard. (Sorry if Will Shortz is on a plane, and so unable to respond immediately)

Andy Ellwood, Gowalla, September 19, 2011
@AndyEllwood: +1 RT @EndGame: Ask this question: Am I taking client orders or fighting to ensure they choose the best? Be an expert not a vending machine

Liz George, Baristanet, September 15, 2011
@Lizabarista: Do you hear an echo? #hyperlocal #montclair

Jim Moran, Yipit, September 16, 2011
@JDMoran: @sarahtavel agree with that – though now I just expect a deal and use offers more for my day to day purchases

Clara Shih, Hearsay Social, September 14, 2011
@ClaraShih: @martinlieberman There’s nothing brands can do to stop it so should embrace! RT: Don’t be afraid to let customers help others solve problems

Anna Tarkov, freelance journalist, September 15, 2011
@AnnaTarkov: Attitude towards Patch at #2011apme is worrisome. Probably the same thing people said about the Internet/blogs years ago.

Vin Vacanti, Yipit, September 14, 2011
@Vacanti: Your “launch” press won’t make or break your startup, just your ego

Tristan Walker, Foursquare, September 15, 2011
@TristanWalker: Ran an experiment the past two weeks. I found that well over 50% of my non-food purchases were from my mobile phone.