Basket President: App’s Crowdsourced Price Information Empowers Shoppers

“The difference in prices between stores in a five-mile radius can be as much as 50 percent, based on in-store unadvertised specials, advertised specials, and variance in list price,” says Andy Ellwood. His company, Basket, has built “a massive database” that allows the company to display that price information back to consumers.

The NSA’s PRISM Revelations and Hyperlocal Targeting

Hyperlocal companies rely on the data that consumers knowingly share in order to build profiles and serve them with the most relevant information — but would consumers still assent to this sharing if they truly understood everything that is being done with their digital data?

Waze VP: What Search Did for the Internet, Maps Will Do for Mobile

As the local market readjusts to a mobile-first world, executives from Waze, ESRI, and Placed discussed the role of mobile analytics and mapping in a changed scenario at a panel discussion during the Street Fight Summit West in San Francisco Tuesday…

Twitter Local: @PaulCarr, @AndyEllwood, @LizaBarista and more

All the tweets that fit… listening in on the hyperlocal Twitterverse.

This week, Erin Carlon, Andy Ellwood, and Clara Shih point their words at customer experience. Vin Vacanti has some grounding advice for startups. Paul Carr, who made waves this past week with the news of his TechCrunch resignation, makes some thinly veiled barbs. And more…