Local Quotables: BJ Emerson, John Paton, Matt McAlister and more…

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The best words about and around the hyperlocal industry. Lots of talk about Groupon this week — its friends-and-family start; who its competitors are; what merchants think. Yipit’s Jim Moran makes a quip about the Groupon-Living Social rivarly. In non-Groupon news, John Paton extends an apology in response to a controversial Journal Register article, and […]

Twitter Local: @PaulCarr, @AndyEllwood, @LizaBarista and more

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All the tweets that fit… listening in on the hyperlocal Twitterverse.

This week, Erin Carlon, Andy Ellwood, and Clara Shih point their words at customer experience. Vin Vacanti has some grounding advice for startups. Paul Carr, who made waves this past week with the news of his TechCrunch resignation, makes some thinly veiled barbs. And more…