Street Fight Daily: 09.23.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Google Offers didn’t do particularly well in August – but the daily deal product radically improved in September. Through just the first three weeks of the month, Google has already surpassed last month’s total revenue of $265k and is on track to more than double this figure by month’s end. (Yipit Blog)

A source says that AOL is using “smoke and mirrors” trying to get 10 Patch sites profitable by the end of the year. It all has to do with some clever accounting, pushing a bigger chunk of ad dollars from regional campaigns into the target towns at the expense of the rest. (Business Insider)

Online retailers represent a $200 billion market — a big business, to say the least — so Rally Commerce is looking to become a “do it yourself Groupon” for eRetailers to better create, control, and profit from their own group deals and flash campaigns.  (TechCrunch)

Location-based technology and vending machines seem like a natural match, but Nokia is among the first, perhaps the first, to make the connection. (Mashable)

Meporter allows you to quickly report on news from wherever you are. Once you load the app, you have five sections to choose from: Map, Newswire, Post, Friends, and Profile. The Map view uses GPS to show you which stories have been posted near you or are currently happening around you.  (10,000 Words)

Groupon Regional Sales Manager Brett Truka admitted that while most local businesses have a general awareness of what Groupon is (primarily driven by their own personal use), “they still don’t exactly know how it works for the most part.” (BIA/Kelsey)

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