Street Fight Daily: 06.21.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Just-over-two-year-old Foursquare has just announced an important milestone: 10 million user accounts. The company will pass 750 million check-ins later this week, with users are now averaging about 3 million check-ins a day. (TechCrunch)

EveryBlock, the website that collects community news and connects neighbors with each other, has hired a new president, Brian Addison, to oversee its growth and marketing efforts. Founder Adrian Holovaty remains with EveryBlock, focusing more on product than business. (Chicago Tribune)

Late last week, IPG Mediabrands’ hyperlocal advertising agency, Geomentum, announced a new partnership with Aol and its hyperlocal content network, Patch. Chris Hiland, President, Strategic Partnerships at Geomentum, discussed the implications of the partnership, saying he thinks ad versioning is a key aspect of the partnership. (AdExchanger)

For small businesses, the appeal of location-based services is obvious: There’s an opportunity both to draw in new customers and forge deeper connections with existing ones. But the vast majority of small businesses haven’t taken advantage of location-based services. Here are five that have. (Mashable)

Since Groupon filed its S1 with the SEC to go public it has been eviscerated by critics. The company tried to respond yesterday, with humor, posting a response on its blog that says they’re sick of being dissed. (Business Insider)

The real estate bust wasn’t kind to Roost, which started out as a real estate search engine. But CEO Alex Chang took the $8 million he raised in late 2008 and convinced his investors to back him down a completely different path: a service for creating and managing social media marketing campaigns for local businesses. (TechCrunch)

“Can Groupon easily extend into the grocery coupon space? No, not at all easily,” writes Peter Krasilovsky. “For starters, food producers used to ‘cents off’ can’t really provide goods at 50 percent off, or more, and then provide a commission of 30-50 percent of sales.” (Local Onliner)

DealsGoRound is unveiling a digital wallet feature that lets daily deal users easily manage all those sky-diving lessons, sensory-deprivation-chamber sessions and Brazilian hair treatments they’ve purchased —all in one place. (GigaOm)

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