LivingSocial Sells Off Australian Assets, Looks to ‘Refound’ Its Core Business


Over the course of the past 18 months, the struggling daily deals company has sold off nearly all of its international assets, exiting countries and categories in an effort to create a nest egg for the “refounding” of the firm under new chief executive Gautam Thakar.

Like Other Local Services Marketplaces, Amazon Will Have to Balance Competing Interests


Anyone in the local services industry could be forgiven for worrying about Amazon as an intimidating competitor. But for all of Amazon’s Goliath brand dominance in retail, it faces the same complex challenges that the rest of us face when it comes to the services industry…

Livestreaming and Local: Tech’s Next Collision?

Video camera lens

Growth will ignite first from live video’s inherent virality, which could find hundreds of millions of users the same way Instagram did. Then we’ll see copycat apps come out of the woodwork. It will follow the standard path: quick industry growth, contraction, M&A, a few winners, maturity, etc.. Somewhere in that progression will be a local play…

In Targeting the Lucrative Hispanic Market on Mobile, Location Data Is Key

Business women with cell phones

We know that Hispanic Americans are highly engaged with their mobile devices, so it follows that one of the best ways to reach them is through mobile marketing. But “mobile” is a broad umbrella and most marketers are still struggling with the question of how to identify Hispanic consumers. One of the best strategies is to leverage location-based data…

Tige Savage: Founders Need to Solve for Degrees of Freedom — Not Valuation

SW_20141104_NY_4469_lowres740 (1)

In an interview with Street Fight, Tige Savage, managing director at Revolution Ventures, talks about what went wrong at LivingSocial and Groupon, why founders should solve for “degrees of freedom — not valuation,” and why the next big thing may not come out of Silicon Valley or New York…