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With Acquisitions, Brooklyn’s Corner Media Grows Into a Regional Cluster

No Comments 10 July 2014 by

Publisher Liena Zagare's independent Corner Media network in Brooklyn has added three established community news sites in the borough to grow into a cluster of seven sites in a market of 1 million people. Street Fight recently caught up with Zagare to learn more about what her two acquisitions will mean for their neighborhoods and her company...

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Streets Ahead

Local Search Listings

Unmanaged Local Listings Hurt Consumers and Businesses Alike

2 Comments 09 July 2014 by

Google Maps and its competitors have become the most important pathways to brick and mortar businesses outside foot traffic and word of mouth. As one recent case indicates, an accurate Google Maps listing can be a matter of life or death for a local business. The company needs a stronger and more concerted effort to enlist the help of business owners to address this problem...

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Assessing Yelp’s New Messaging Functionality

4 Comments 08 July 2014 by

Yelp recently rolled out a new feature that allows consumers to send and receive instant messages and interact with local businesses that have claimed their business page. While this isn't groundbreaking, it does put "social customer service" front-and-center on the reviews site...

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The New News

An Ex-Patcher Competes in Tim Armstrong’s Town

6 Comments 03 July 2014 by

Leslie Yager, who in three years rose from freelance writer for Aol’s Patch to the local editor of the network’s Norwalk and Wilton sites, was terminated in January as part of the company's sale to Hale Global. She turned around and, days later, launched her own news site which is already a strong competitor in her former boss's town...

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On Location

LBMA Podcast: Ubisense, ShopperTrak, and Pulsate’s Patrick Leddy

No Comments 03 July 2014 by

Top stories of the week include Chaotic Moon’s intern tracking software, JCDecaux augments cell signals at bus stops in Amsterdam, Audi lights up the World Cup, Garrett Camp hires well to build, HouseTab tries social and payments together and Slight is launched...

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Data digital flow

Unlocking the Power of Passive In-Store Data Analytics

No Comments 02 July 2014 by

In the world of indoor location analytics there are two types for data collection: active and passive. Retailers have embraced active data via apps and are now testing beacons — but they should also consider the value that passive location data brings to the overall understanding of consumer behavior in-store...

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Off the Block

In OpenTable Deal, Signs of Deeper Convergence in Travel and Local

2 Comments 01 July 2014 by

Two recent acquisitions by Priceline and TripAdvisor offer an early look into a logic that could drive a more comprehensive consolidation of the travel and local technology sectors. Many of the structures built to help visitors navigate new cities — and implicitly for marketers to reach tourists — might quickly become obsolete...

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Local’s Sleeping Giants; A Tale of Two Keynotes

1 Comment 30 June 2014 by

We're at the height of keynote season, and in the past month Apple, Amazon and Google, have all carted out their wares. Local was understated at each, but below the surface were huge implications...

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On Location

LBMA Podcast: Glympse, Blippar, and Esri

No Comments 27 June 2014 by

Top stories of the week feature McDonalds Canada, Pinterest, Food Network, Lowe’s, Naziha Mestaoui,, Amazon, Oman, Kraft, and Wal-Mart.

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The New News

Despite Many New Local News Sites, ‘Media Deserts’ Are a Stubborn Reality

No Comments 26 June 2014 by

More than 120 newspapers have shut down in the U.S. since 2008. Surviving papers have been forced to cut their local news budgets in the implosion of old media ad revenue. Hundreds of digital community news sites have been launched in the meantime, but journalist and educator Dr. Michelle Ferrier from the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University says that millions of Americans have ended up in a “media desert.”

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