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On Location

LBMA Podcast: Factual Teams With EQ Works, Digital Element Partners With Skyhook

No Comments 14 November 2014 by

On the show: Bionym pioneers wearable payments; Adsquare raises $4.3M; The NHL is testing virtual Dasherboards; makes tipping a visual thing; Clear Channel offering free content in Singapore; Copresence brings peace to Android and iOS sharing; Boxpark does the pop-up mall. Our resource of the week looks at the impact of Apple Pay on Whole Foods...

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The New News

‘Legacy’ Publishers Make Big Move Into Content Marketing

No Comments 13 November 2014 by

Local newspapers and TV broadcasters are making a major innovative leap into the digital space that they hope will bring them big bucks from sponsor-funded content. LMC Executive Director Rusty Coats said member companies are confident that the funded content will become “a major source of [their] digital revenue."

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Streets Ahead


Interconnectivity and the Mobile Mind Shift

No Comments 12 November 2014 by

We hear a lot these days about the massive transition in consumer attention from desktop to mobile devices. That transition is an undeniable reality, but it would be a mistake to assume that it’s just about mobile devices themselves. What the smartphone has done is to enable a change in mental attitude when it comes to the use and consumption of online services...

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hands typing

5 Tips for the Aspiring Hyperlocal Publisher

No Comments 11 November 2014 by

Although the business — and consumption — of journalism continues to evolve, its health certainly seems much more robust than it was five years ago. This is particularly true at a hyperlocal level. Yet at the same time some constants remain. In particular, issues around funding — and sustainability — continue to remain one of the sector's biggest challenges...

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Off the Block


The Clever Solution Behind Path’s Place Messaging Service

No Comments 10 November 2014 by

In late September, the company added a feature to its messaging app called Places that allows users to text local businesses with questions, and, often within minutes, receive an answer. The experience is simple and habitual for both merchant and consumer, yet the infrastructure inside is a patchwork blend of technology and people that demonstrates a remarkable empathy for the realities of the market today...

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On Location

LBMA Podcast: Nomi’s Acquisition and Swirl’s Ad Exchange

No Comments 07 November 2014 by

On the show: Neiman Marcus wants you to snap, find and shop; Appy Pie’s new API; Mogl funded; Facebook relaunches Atlas; iHeartRadio vending machine with Instagram; TouchTunes partners with Kinetic Active Exchange; and a resource of the week from Esri...

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The New News Is More Than a Website — It’s a ‘Brand’ for the Laid Back

1 Comment 06 November 2014 by

Mike Ragsdale's, serving the Gulf Coast beach communities of Santa Rosa in Northwest Florida, is much more than a website. It's an "international brand" that includes a digital radio station and a retail operation that sells everything from to T-shirts to beach chairs to beer...

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Why Mobile Marketing Isn’t a Fit for Every SMB

1 Comment 04 November 2014 by

Small businesses are being bombarded by marketing programs that promise to deliver calls, customers, and sales right from a prospect’s cell phone. But the facts on the ground indicate that mobile marketing is, at best, a mixed bag so far for most small businesses...

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For Apple Pay to Thrive, Small Businesses Must Adopt

1 Comment 03 November 2014 by

For a mobile wallet to really impact consumer behavior, its acceptance has to be ubiquitous — not just in the Targets and Macy’s of this world, but in our local bodegas, mom-and-pop shops, independent coffee shops and food trucks. You might think these businesses are a less important slice of the pie than the big-box retailers, but you’d be wrong...

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Selling to SMBs: ‘Layering the Question’ to Get the Answers You Need

1 Comment 03 November 2014 by

Sales reps should always want as much additional information about the decision-making process as they can get, because they can use that information to show value to other customers. By asking the client questions, you can obtain information about the client’s pain points, which will help you to highlight relevant benefits offered by your company...

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